If Only (short story)

What if your favorite character from an anime, TV show, book, or movie thought about you the same way that you thought about them? This is story about that its a reader X character story. So you can imagine it to be who ever you want and put your self into the story as well. This is my first time writing one of these stories so I hope you like it....


1. Longing

I sat down in my fictional world and sighed."When are you coming back for me my love?" I said starring at a picture of (Y/N). I sat it down on the counter that was near my bed and smiled a little. I got up after looking at the picture a little while longer and then got up and started to make breakfast and get dressed. I was so tired of doing the same thing every day. "I wonder what your world is like? I bet its magical and fun." I was lost in a day dream up until someone knocked at the door.

"I'm coming!" I called out and made my way to the door. I hide the photo away and opened the door to see my friends. "Hey guys come on in!" I moved out of the way so they could enter and they ate breakfast with me. We talked about what we had planned to do for the day. I nodded and acted like i was excited but really it was the same old thing every day. We went about our day until lunch time came and we parted ways. When my friends went I did my usual chores and finished up my day.

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