Random Poems

Random, weird, deep, and other types of poems


3. ...

A blade sings through the air

It hits it's willing victim

The blood trickles down

and the subject feels nothing


The blade hits again

The victim is dying

The blood trickles down

The victim is smiling, thinking it's for the better


The blade hits again

The victim is having second thoughts

The blood trickles down

There is the smell of death


It's too late


The next morning, the blade is found

Lodged in the wrist

The parent doesn't care

The liars don't bother


The only true people that care

Are the friends

The lovers

The fans

They care


They don't want to see them gone

They care


They cry

They mourn


They wanted to help

But the victim didn't say a word

If they had

help would've been on the way

And they would've been alive

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