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Andy is your average 16 year old Canadian-american teenager that has been living in a small town in Toronto,Canada for about 10 years.

All she remembers about living in the US is that she grew up in Charlotte, NC but moved to Canada when she was 6 years old leaving her best friends, Nash and Hayes Grier behind.

Aside from school, she is a well known Viner and Youtuber next to her best friend, Shawn Mendes. They both love to sing and do covers together when they are able to.

What happens when Shawn comes home for a Magcon stop and invites her to meet the rest of the boys? What happens when she is invited to go on tour with the boys? Will she fall in love with with one? What happens when she sees the Grier boys after so many years away from them?

Follow Andy on her crazy journey with the Magcon family.


1. The big move

*From 6 year old Andy's p.o.v*

*beep beep beep*

Yay!!! I don't have to go to school today but I am gonna miss it here so much especially my best friends. Wanna know why? Well today is my last day of being in North Carolina before we move to Toronto for my Dad's Job.

Once I got up I got ready for the long day of saying goodbye to everyone then I have a long flight to Toronto, Canada. (A/N: I will put her outfits above because I use polyvore for them)

Once I got ready for the day I got what was left in my room and put it into the car and went over to my group of friends that were there to say goodbye to me.

We are a small group of friends but we are really close and have been inseparable since we were in preschool. There are six of us in this small goup. it consists of me, Cameron, Nash, Hayes, and of course Reya.

"Well I guess this is a goodbye. I am gonna miss ya'll so much." I said with tears in my eyes.

Nash was the first to speak up.

"Don't think about it as a goodbye,think of it as a see you soon. we are all gonna miss you so much Andy."

"Ya" everyone agreed.

"Andy, honey, It's time to go finish saying goodbye." My mom had said.

"Everyone group hug!!!" Reya literally screamed and then everyone dog piled onto me.

Once everyone said goodbye it was just me, and Nash standing there.

"Promise me something?" Nash said.

"What's up?"

"Promise me that we will always be best friends and that we will stay in touch using our iPods."

"I promise Nashty. Forever and always?"

"Forever and always A. I love you."

"Love you more Nash."

Once I got in the car I started to cry. Out of our little group of friends me and Nash were the closest because we have basically known each other since we were in diapers because our parents were friends. Once my mom put everything in the car we were on our way to a new place.

I sat quietly in the back of the car, put my headphones in and hit shuffle on my iPod touch. Goodbye North Carolina, Hello Canada.

--------------------fast forward to when they first get to Canada------------------

Finally we are here!! Canada is so pretty in the fall. Once we made our way to the new house we pulled into the drive way.

"Ok everything is already here so go on and start to unpack your room kiddo." said my dad.

Once I got into the house I looked around. It is huge and a little bigger than my old house.

I ran Straight up to my room to set it up. It looks blank now but it will be beautiful in no time.

After about 30 minutes of unpacking, my parents called for me to go into the living room.

"Andy! Can you take a break and come down and meet our new neighbors please?"

"Coming momma!"

I stopped what I was doing and came down stairs to be greeted by my parents and a couple and there son who looked my age. I ran straight for my mom and hid behind her.

"Hi you must be Andy. I'm Mrs.Mendes."

"H-hello ma'am"

The boy that was my age came up to me.

"Heya. I am Shawn. Nice to meet you Andy"

"You too Shawn." I said more comfortable around them.

"Shawn.Why don't you go help Andy finish unpacking." Mrs.Mendes said.


Later this turned out to be an amazing friendship that has been so much fun.

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