The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


102. 102

“So how did you end up in Newcastle?’

“I bummed a lift off a truck driver who wanted a blow job in return.’

“To be honest the geyser, shot his load as soon as I got it out of his pants.’ So I didn’t have to do nuffin’.’

I reached Newcastle and I slept under the bridges where a lot of others were. We got some fee food given to us each night from a guy who came along with his van.’

“I was still bumming money and drinking cheap wine and cider. Then I got nicked off the “Old Bill’ for pinchin’ some cider one afternoon. I pushed this bottle inside my coat and ran out of the shop and this guy was like chasing me along the road I turned into this lane and thought I’d givin’ him the slip but an off duty copper nabbed me.’

“Once a copper, always a copper right?’

“Right! The rest in the group voiced.’

“What happened then Janet?’

“I went in front of the Beak and he sent me to Durham nick for three month. Great that was; “I was getting’ a warm bed and three meals a day. I couldn’t go wrong.’

Then upon my release I nicked this old biddies’ bag wiv’ her pension money in it and I got six months.’

“This time the judge recommended that I do the six months with no early release to teach me the errors of my ways.’

“Soon I was out again and back “On the rob’ as that was the only way to survive on the streets.’ Things took a turn for the worst when my liver packed up and I ended up in intensive care.’

They sent me here and I’ve been coming ever since.’

“The grub ain’t all bad and the beds are warm she laughed.’

“Thank you Janet for sharing that with us.’

Emily realised how desperate some people’s lives were and not too dissimilar to her own. She was determined that once she left this place she would never come back.’

“She knew the chances of the happening were slim as over seventy per cent of patients ended up back here. Emily thought about Margaret and how she had turned her life around and was now a psychologist even though she was a recovering alcoholic.’

“She would ask her how she managed to deal without alcohol and study for a degree the next time they had an individual session.’

“She went out into the garden for a cigarette again the sun was shining and she sat at the table.’

Then she heard a familiar voice; “got a fag, I’m gaspin.’

It was Janet who had followed her out. Emily opened the packet and held it so that Janet could take one but instead of taking one she took two. “It’s for Ron’ she laughed.’

“Ron who?’


“Don’t take my kindness for weakness Janet; I will bost your chops believe me.’


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