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31. 30 Sorry Not Sorry

30 Sorry Not Sorry


Ashton's POV

Me and the boys are at Michael's house today. We decided to hang out together like the old times. It's like we're never seeing eachother again but the truth is, we're resuming our tour in 4 days. Funny isn't it?

"Hey Luke, pass the controller." Michael said.

We're playing fifa and it's kinda weird cause we're not teens anymore, except for Luke and yet we still play video games but who cares? No one is too old for video games :D

"Boys, I bought you some food. I'll put it over here at the counter." Michael's mum said.

"Thanks Mrs. Clifford."

We resumed on playing then Luke brought up the topic about the little girl he saw yesterday, which was obviously Aly. I think he's starting to think about her too often. I guess this is what Skye calls 'Daddy Instincts' right? But how does that work? He doesn't even know Aly's his child. Anyways, we all took a break to eat.

We were eating the food that Mrs. Clifford bought us then Michael began to choke. Calum hurriedly got water and gave it to Michael.

"You alright mate?" Calum asked him and Michael nodded.

"Stop being so greedy." I laughed.

"I'm not!" He rolled his eyes. "Look at this." He said and turned his phone screen towards us so we could see.

"Ooooh! Burn!" I said.

"Whoah Luke. She totally burned you!" Calum said.

Luke was silent. He looked angry at the same time sad.

You guys are wondering what it is, I know. It's a tweet by Arzaylea saying,

'Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy'

Followed by,

'Never worth the fight'


'Go fuck yourself'



"Luke, you ok?" I asked him and he just nodded.

"Are you sure?" Calum reassured.

"Who cares?" Luke scoffed. "Well, I don't."


"Come on. Let's go hang someplace else. Like a club or something." He said.

"Well, sounds good to me." Calum agreed then me and Michael too.

Luke seemed really affected but he decided not to show it.


We arrived at a club we always hang out. As usual, we we're at a vip room. We ordered drinks and danced. Michael is just sat here beside me, on his phone and not bothering about what's happening while Calum went to go to the bathroom and Luke was all over a girl at the dance floor, oh wait I meant to say GIRLS with the 'S' for plural.

Just because he dumped his girlfriend and is now 'single' doesn't mean he should hit up other girls. I thought he wanted to go back to Skye? Just as I was considering to let Luke talk to Skye, he acts like this and now I'm taking it all back. I am never gonna let him talk nor see Skye, EVER. He's just gonna screw her over again and I wouldn't want that.

"Michael, are you seeing this?" I hit my elbow on Michael's side while pointing at Luke.

"What?" Michael asked as he shut his phone.

"That." I said and pointed at Luke, who was all over another blondie.

"Yikes." Michael reacted.

"You know what? I take it all back Michael. I am not letting him see Skye." I said.

"Why so? I mean, you can't keep her locked up in your house forever."

"No Michael! I'm not locking her up. I'm just gonna keep them from crossing ways." I said.

"Well, if you can but you don't know. You don't have the power to stop destiny." Michael shrugged.

"Since when did you start believing in destiny Michael? Everyone knows that's bullshit." I rolled my eyes. I don't know why I'm so grumpy but I am really grumpy.

"Whatever." Michael said and returned to whatever he was doing on his phone.

Calum returned to us and started drinking shots and so did I. Michael didn't want more so me and Calum finished everything since Luke was too busy with his girls.

Me and Calum maybe got a little drunk I suppose and I'm sure when I get home, Skye is not gonna be happy about this.

Michael's POV

Ashton and Calum are already drunk and I don't think they're sober now. Their faces were red. I mean, who wouldn't go drunk after having to shot 5 bottles of alcohol right? And it's only just the two of them finishing the four bottles left since I stopped after one bottle.

"Ashton, you alright mate?" I asked him. Oh why the hell am I asking him? He's drunk.

"I need to go to the bathroom." He slurred as he stood up and grabbed on to my shoulders. He can barely stand. We left Calum on the booth. No need to worry about him cause he's already passed out.

I helped Ashton to the bathroom. It was kinda awkward cause his arm is around my shoulders cause he can barely stand while pissing in the urinal. Oh God. I hope he doesn't pee everywhere or worse pee on me.

"You done mate?" I asked him awkwardly.

I felt him tuck his uhh--oh what am I kidding? I swear a lot so why am I so afraid to call his thing a dick when it actually is called a dick.

Ok so he tucked his dick back in and we returned to the booth where Calum is.

I checked the time and it was already 1:24 am . Damn, I need to go home now my mom's gonna freak and I need to take these two home too. Why am I such a mother? Ugh.

I swear to these fuckers, they owe me bigtime.

"Hey Luke!" I yelled at him since he's already drowning in that sea of girls. His head popped up and looked at me and answered what.

"We're going home now." I said as I first got Calum's arm on my shoulder.

Luke pushed the girls away and walked towards us.

"Why? It's still early." He said.

"They're both drunk and you're just busy with your bitches." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm going back for Ashton. Please watch him for a while so he doesn't run off somewhere." I asked Luke and he just nodded as he sat beside Ashton. I continue to walk out of the club with a passed out Calum.

I walked to my car and put Calum at the backseat then closed the car door. Going back inside again to get Ashton.

"Hey man." I nodded at Luke. "You sure you're not going home yet?" I asked him.

"No. Maybe I'll just stay for a while." He said.

"Seriously? What about your mom? This isn't LA Luke, you have your mom waiting for you at home. Are you gonna pick these bitches over her?"

"Yeah right. I forgot. I guess I'll go home with you guys now." He said.

"Hey. Why are you guys all dramary?" Ashton slurred.

"What the fuck is dramary?" I shook my head and continued to help Ashton out of the club.

I say him at the backseat the same where Calum is and I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm turning the child lock on. Who knows what these guys will do in the car. Luke was shotgun and I on the driver's seat ofcourse.

"Are you drunk?" Luke asked.

"Do I look like I'm drunk Luke?"

"No. Sorry." He said.

I started the car engines and drove to Luke's house.

"Wait. We just passed Ashton's house?" Luke asked. Shit I didn't think he'd notice.

"Yeah. I'll go back later. You need to go first since your mom's the first to freak." I made up an excuse.

"Okay?" He said.

The rest of the drive to Luke's was rather silent, except for Calum who's always moaning and Ashton whining.

I pulled over at Luke's driveway.

"Thanks mate." He tapped my shoulder and went out of my car. I waved and continued to drive to Calum's house. Ashton's beggining to annoy me actually and I wish I just dropped him first but that would be risky coz what if Skye gets him instead of Anne right?

"Skye. I need you."

"Where are you Skye?"

"Would shut the fuck up ?" I yelled at him.

He finally shut the fuck up.

I pulled over at Calum's driveway and got out of the car to get Calum. I put his arm around my shoulder and walked to the front door. Damn it, this guy's heavy, no joke.

I pressed their doorbell and waited for his mum or whoever answers the door.

"Oh hey Michael!" She smiled. "Oh my God! What happend?"

"Hey Mali. Uh he kinda got drunk." I said.

"Here let me get him. Thank you so much Michael." She said.

"Can you handle him? He's kinda heavy."

"Yeah I can manage. He's my little brother you know." She smiled. "You should go home now, goodnight. Thanks again for taking him home."

"Ofcourse. Ok goodnight." I waved and went back to the car.

Ashton was still awake, muttering a lot of stuff. Oh God why am I such a mom to my own bandmates? And why are they so child like.

I arrived at Ashton's house and helped him walk to the front door then Skye appeared. Whoo! Good one Mikey for taking Luke home first.

"Oh my God! What happend?" She said. Do girls always do the same expressions when they see someone drunk?

"He kinda got drunk."

"Oh. Uh let me just uh--get him." She said as Ashton walked towards her and fell. She barely catched him!. Ashton's arms was on her neck and he wasn't standing at all.

"Skye. You smell so good." Ashton slurred.

"I'll help you with him Skye." I said as I pulled him back.

We went upstairs to their shared room then placed Ashton on the bed.

"Do you want me to help you change him?" I offered.

"No. I can manage Mikey." She smiled. "Thanks so much." She said and hugged me.

"Oh it's nothing really." I said.

"You should come over tomorrow. It's my birthday so.."

"You mean later." I corrected her. "It's already 1 am so Happy Birthday!" I chirped.

"No. It's tomorrow, really." She laughed.

"Oh. Sorry." I smiled sheepishly. "I better get going now Skye. Mumma bear's probably worried about me right now."

"Oh yeah sure I'll take you to the front door."

Then we heard Ashton puke on the floor.

"Ashton!" She groaned. "Seriously?!"

"Oh. Uh do you want me to help you clean up?" I asked.

"No. It's okay Michael. I can manage." She said.

We walked back downstairs to the front door and I waved goodbye as I walk to my car.

"You sure you don't want any help?" I asked one last time and she just said no.

"Bye Michael. Goodnight and thanks for bringing Ashton home!" She wave and I just nodded.

I'm such a mum to my bestfriends, am I right?


Wassup? My grandpa just passed away :( im sad.

Anyways, to the readers, thank you so much for reading and I hope I didn't bore you guys to death and please like and comment it really means a lot to me.

Loveyou xoxo

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