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❝you need to ask god to forgive you for your sins.❞

in which a player makes it his mission to sleep with the preachers daughter.


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1. one

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"Thank you, Lord for waking me up this morning." I say what I say every morning when I wake up.

A yawn leaves my lips and I release my brown hair from its messy bun, ruffling it and pushing it back.

I slowly trudge to my bathroom and look at my reflection in the mirror. After a second I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste, applying a generous amount and then placing it underneath the faucet to let a bit of water go over the toothpaste.

I then place the toothbrush into my mouth and begin to brush quickly, ridding the taste of sleep from my mouth.

Once I felt that I brushed them good enough, I spit out the toothpaste and rinsed off my toothbrush.

I grabbed my Clean&Clear: Morning Burst and applied it to my face, shivering at the feeling. I was now definitely fully awake.

I rinse the face wash from my face and grab my towel, wiping the water from my face.

I walk over to the shower and turn it on, placing the shower on hot water. I make sure my large towel is sitting on the towel rack before I rid myself of my pajama shorts and singlet.

I place a foot into the shower and the other one after it, feeling the relaxing sensation of the hot water on my body. I step forward slightly, letting the water run over my face.

I turn around, letting the hot water wet my hair. I grab my strawberry scented shampoo and lather it up in my hands, placing my fingers into my scalp and closing my eyes at the feeling.

I massage my scalp with the shampoo, loving the amazing sensation. After I was sure my hair was clean, I rinsed the shampoo from my hair.

Once all the shampoo was gone, I grabbed my conditioner and did the same process, rinsing it out of my scalp when I was done.

I then cut the water off, reaching for my towel and drying my body, then wrapping the towel around my small body.

I grab a slightly smaller towel and begin drying my hair slightly, knowing that the towel wouldn't get rid of all the water.

I search for a small amount of time, then find my blow dryer. I grab it and walk out of my bathroom, setting the dryer in my vanity as I plugged it into the outlet on the wall.

Once I was ready, I flipped the switch of the dryer on and began to dry my hair.

I hum a tune I couldn't place my finger on until I was done, my hair being restored to its full thickness.

I run my fingers through my natural waves, deciding I didn't want to straighten or curl my hair today.

I place my hair into its usual half down, half up hair style. Then smile at my reflection.

I apply a small amount of liquid foundation, then I put on nude lipstick. After applying a small amount of mascara I was wondering what else I should do.

Once I was done putting on eyeliner I was done with my makeup and I moved onto my closet, pulling out my new dress that I bought just for today.

It was a simple navy blue body con dress that came just above my knees. I wore a pair of black flats and looked in the mirror, feeling complete.

I walk downstairs and smell the familiar aroma of breakfast coming to my nose. I smile at the scent of the sweet smelling food, my mouth slightly watering in anticipation.

It's Sunday, which means we have church today.

Sunday also means waking up to breakfast.

I love Sunday's.

I smile at my mom and take a seat in my spot, the seat I always sit in at the dining table.

"Good morning, Ariana." My younger sister Amanda greets me with a smile on her face.

I see that she's wearing a light pastel dress, her hair in a lovely up do that probably took her an hour to pull off. Her makeup was more natural than mine, only mascara and liquid foundation. But she was also wearing a beautiful pastel pink eyeshadow that matched her dress perfectly. She looked quite magnificent.

"Good Morning, Amanda. You look beautiful." I smile over at her.

Amanda returns the smile and we sit, waiting on our father to make it downstairs so we can pray and then dig into our meals.

After a couple of minutes, Dad makes his way down the stairs. His hair perfectly styled and a new suit adorning his body.

"Good morning, Dad." I smile at my father and he returns the gesture, my sister telling him good morning as well.

After he takes a seat we all join hands, our heads bowed and our eyes closed.

"Father G.od up in heaven, we come to you today..." I don't seem to be listening to my father much after that.

My thoughts are drifting.

I keep thinking about Todd.

He's in the men's choir at my church and his voice is amazing. Todd and I have quite the friendly connection.

We've lip locked a couple of times, but nothing has really been said about where we stand.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I hear the words that signals the prayer is ending.

"In J.esus name we pray, Amen." We all say Amen in unison and I pick my fork up, excitedly digging into my waffles that were on my plate.

*After Church*

We were all in the car on the way home after church, laughing at something Sister Duncan said when I hear a door slam. I look around outside the car window, confused as my curiosity began to rise by the second.

My eyes find the empty house next door to mine, and I see a moving van in sight. Well,  I guess someone is moving in next to us.

"Well would you look at that? New neighbors!" My mom says with a smile on her face, and I smile slightly too.

I've always loved meeting new people. Who knows? Maybe they have kids or something?

I keep looking after everyone else seemed to be not as interested anymore, and I'm surprised to see a boy exiting a car.

He looked quite scary actually, he was wearing all black and even had a black lip piercing. It was interesting for me to see someone like him because I never have in my life.

Well, maybe on television shows, but never in real life.

I was pretty sure these were the people my father warned me about.

His exact words were:

"Be weary of those different people. The people dressed in dark clothing with mysterious ways. They're no good, Ariana. And they take place in sinful and unholy actions that I don't want you involved in. You understand?"

I only nodded at my father, thinking that he was only going on about how he didn't want me to be corrupted by bad people who weren't any good for me.

But he was only being a concerned parent, I could see where he was coming from.

I must've been staring a bit too long while I was thinking because the boy turns around and his gaze meets mine for a second.

Even with how far we were, I could still see that his eyes were a beautiful shade of blue.

I contemplated giving him a smile and wave, but then I remembered my fathers words. So I only stay still and watch the boy the boy with interest.

He looked at me for a bit longer until he winked and then looked away from me.

His mysterious gesture left me confused and intrigued, and I felt like something was telling me to learn more about the boy.

I was snapped out of my small daze when I heard the sound of Amanda's car door slamming. I exit the car a bit after everyone else does and head into the house, the boy next door still on my mind.

[I decided not to include the church scenes just yet bc I didn't want too much stuff about G.od in this story yet]

[[ariana looks so mature in the media omg]]

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