The Scars on my Wrist

Taylor is seventeen and diagnosed with depression after bullying in her school. Her mum and dad are busy working and Taylor is set to look after her siblings. But things change when Taylor goes to her group session at the hospital one day and meets Mike. Mike has suffered depression and has got through it. He now wants to help Taylor.
As the two work together, they fall in love with each other. But everyone has secrets. Secrets that can hurt everyone around them...


1. Dedications

Dedicated to all those who have suffered from bullying and those who have died as a result of bullying. Know that there is hope. Know that you are amazing, no matter what anyone says. I love you all. You are more than perfect to me.

Also dedicated to Michael Stevenson and Richard Winsor for supporting me with trying to help others who have suffered bullying and depression. Thank you for brightening up my days (especially Saturdays!)

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