The Scars on my Wrist

Taylor is seventeen and diagnosed with depression after bullying in her school. Her mum and dad are busy working and Taylor is set to look after her siblings. But things change when Taylor goes to her group session at the hospital one day and meets Mike. Mike has suffered depression and has got through it. He now wants to help Taylor.
As the two work together, they fall in love with each other. But everyone has secrets. Secrets that can hurt everyone around them...


3. 2

The group session ended with us hugging one another to show our support for each other. As usual at the end of our sessions, Gary had a table of food waiting for us and his kids came in to see us.

I walked over to the table and grabbed a vanilla biscuit with icing on top. Someone’s hand reached for the biscuit beside mine.
            “Taylor isn’t it?” Mike asked me. I looked at him as I lifted my biscuit.
            “Yeah, that’s me.”
            Mike smiled and took a bite of his biscuit. “I bet there’s more to you than just reading.”
            “Not really. I’m just a plain Jane.”
            “I don’t believe that for a second.”
            I smiled at the floor when Mike said that. Was he hitting on me or just being friendly?

I looked up at Mike and smiled. “I don’t know whether I should be thankful for the compliment or offended at your flirting.”
            “Offended at my flirting?” Mike asked as he finished off his biscuit. “It wasn’t that bad was it?”
            I smiled at him and shrugged. He smiled back at me.

The more I talked to Mike, the more I liked him. He seemed confident – something I wasn’t, far from it.
            “What are you doing tonight?” Mike asked as he poured himself a glass of water.
            “Ehm…homework and then probably studying. That will be followed by an evening meal and then television or reading,” I replied.
            “Wow,” Mike said. “Your schedule is so busy.”
            “Yeah, pretty hectic.”
            “Could you find time to possibly come over tonight to my place?”
            I was slightly shocked. I didn’t know if it was by his forwardness or if it was due to the fact I had been asked on a date – wait, was it a date?

I set down my glass of water and looked at Mike. “Are you asking me on a date?”
            “Come along tonight and you can tell me if it’s a date or not,” Mike said. He set down his glass and winked at me.

Before I could reply, Mike walked off. I watched as he spoke to Gary before he left. He waved at other members of the group before opening the door. As he was about to walk out of the door, he turned around and smiled at me. He then left. What was he?


After my homework and my dinner, I went upstairs to find something to wear to Mike’s house tonight. If it was a date, I had to look the best I could. I flung open my wardrobe to see what I had to wear; needless to say, I had nothing.

Most of my life I wore jeans, baggy tops and hoodies. After the bullying I hated myself so much that I didn’t bother to take any time for my appearance. I knew this was the time that I actually had to start worrying about my appearance – this was a date.

“You okay?” mum asked me from the doorway.
            “No! I have nothing to wear that’s at least half decent,” I complained.
            My mum walked over to the wardrobe and peered into it. She took out a pair of m black skinny jeans that were sparkly. She then left the room. With no other choice, I put on the jeans.

I drove to Mike’s house after my mum did my hair and make-up; she even let me borrow a fuchsia top as we are both a size fourteen. I parked outside Mike’s house and didn’t notice much difference between our houses. Mike’s house had two floors, a garden, and a garage with a driveway – the same as mine.

When I rang the doorbell, Mike answered it. He smiled at me and gestured for me to come inside.
            “Welcome to my humble abode,” Mike said. He led me into the living room. His family were sitting there. “This is my family. My dad Tom, my mum Laura and my sister Hannah.”
            I waved politely at them before Mike dragged me to the stairs. I followed him up the stairs until we got to a second flight of stairs. From the outside it seemed like they only had two floors in the house. We got to a door and Mike opened it to reveal a wide open room, bathroom and tons of cushions in one corner.
            “This is something else,” I said. I couldn’t conceal my amazement and excitement. This room was somewhat a room that I had dreamt of. The only light coming in came from the sunroof above the stack of cushions. There was a book shelf and a desk in the other corner of the room, opposite the cushions.
            “It’s my personal space. I like it,” Mike said. He pointed to the door to the bathroom which was at the entrance of the room. “Bathroom is there if you need it.”
            “Thanks,” I said. I was still amazed at the room

Mike and I sat down on the pile of cushions on the floor under the sunroof. The moon light shone down on us.
            “How did you ever overcome the feeling of wanting to disappear?” I asked. It was a question that had been playing around in my mind since the group session that evening.
            “I found something to live for,” he replied. He laid on his back on the cushions next to me. I felt the outside of his arm against the outside of my thigh. He stared out of the sunroof at the moon; never once looking at me. “I thought that one day I could make a difference in someone’s life. I thought my story could help people get better. If I could make one person realise that they are worth living and make them happy then I would be happy too. That’s what I began to live for.”
            I sighed. I laid back too. I looked out of the sunroof and saw the crescent moon. Stars were scattered aimlessly around the moon – working together to illuminate the dark of the sky.

“I don’t know what to live for,” I admitted. I hadn’t even thought of it, until now. “I know I’m here for something – for some reason. I just don’t know what it is yet.”
            I noticed Mike smiling at me out of the corner of my eye. “You’ll find it. I can promise you that. No matter how long it takes, don’t give up.”
            “What does your girlfriend think about me being here?”
            Mike chuckled. “I don’t have a girlfriend, but what about your boyfriend?”
            “Wise up.”

Mike laughed as I thumped his arm playfully.
            “I’m being serious. You’re bound to have a boyfriend.”
            “I don’t Mike. I’m not pretty enough for that.”
            “Why do you think that?”
            “Look at me for goodness sake! Look at what I’ve been through! Who would even want me?”
            Mike looked at me. I didn’t move my eyes from the moon. Mike moved his head He was now looking back out at the sky. He sighed. “The moon has craters. It’s not perfect. The craters are wounds – if you like. But people raced to go and visit it. It took until 1969 before anyone managed it. It’s like us – not perfect – but it will take time before anyone comes to us. When they do, it will be pretty darn amazing.”

I wiped away some tears that had fallen. Mike’s words touched my heart. I felt for Mike’s hand and gripped it. We finally turned our heads to look at each other. I squeezed his hand.
            “Thank you so much, for everything you’ve done for me today – even if you don’t recognise it,” I told Mike.
            He smiled at me and wiped away a tear that was slowly sliding down my cheek with his thumb. “It’s true. I may have only met you today, but you’re beautiful and perfect to me. You have so much to give in this life. You can’t give up.”

That’s when I finally believed it. I couldn’t give up. Not now. Not ever.

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