Millionaire Girl

7:35 Waters Resident
"Flora, could you pass me the salt?" my mother said sternly I could tell she was just trying to avoid the topic of the conversation. Her face had worn a frown for the past ten minutes and the rest of my family had fallen silent whilst we argued "but I don't get it, why won't you let me get a job?" My mother's frown deepened at this and I knew the answer already. "Because Flora, dear it is not expected for upperclass people such as us to get a part-time job at a cheap jewellery store!"

Flora Waters a sixteen year old, daughter of Émilie and John Waters of which are millionaires, slightly fed up of the rich life Flora takes up a job at a jewellery store, meeting a lot of new people and odd characters of which one of them is Oscar a rude and enclosed employee, who hates Flora but soon takes a liking to her...


6. Chapter 6

I sat in silence at London Library flicking through Pride and Predjudice, my father had bought an annual subscription costing £495 for me here so I figured I'd make the most of it I had sat here for a total of one hour and seventeen minutes, it was a peaceful place and a refuge from the rain outside, I thought as I looked out of the window I closed the book and placed it on a mahogany book trolley. "Bye" I said to the receptionist she looked up from her computer and nodded,I pulled my umbrella out and took a taxi to where Kate wanted to meet me we had known each other for years and nothing could separate us, which did sound cheesy but it was true I paid the taxi driver before I walked up to the small figure standing in a Burberry coat with a red tartan umbrella "late, again" Kate said looking at the time on her phone "at least this time I'm fashionably late" I said as I unbuttoned my coat to reveal a long creme cashmere sweater that only just stopped at the bottom of my thighs and some knee high boots in a rich brown colour "nice, you'll be forgiven, just this once " she said eyeing me cautiously Kate's main priority was always punctuality and most of the time I failed to live up to that. We debated over which restaurant we should eat at avoiding the many leaflet offers and pieces of gum on the floor, until we heard screaming and loud music coming from one diner sort of place "oh no, are not going in there, sounds like murders are being committed" "come on we've never been to a place like this and who's stopping us?" I said looking from her to the restaurant that stuck out with bright colours amongst bleak London.

I was impressed by my powers of persuasion as Kate and I sat in a booth and waited to order, occasionally looking over at the room door that I guessed was full of screaming teenage girls adoring a live band. Night was approaching and I was glad because everything seemed more alive at night, "hi I'm Ellie, are your orders ready?" A tall girl with a cap brandishing the restaurants name said to us "yeah, I'd like a veggie burger, fries and lemonade, with ice" Kate said putting down the menu the girl scribbled it down and turned to me. "I'll have the same but with fruit punch instead" "ice?" She replied "yeah, thanks" she was about to walk away but turned back "we've got a new band playing today, pretty popular, they're called Pulse if you want to join the crowd while you wait." She then walked away with our orders "shall we?" I asked Kate "why not" we left our bags and coats at our seats and went to watch the band.

There was a separate room larger than the dining room dedicated to the mini concert it was almost pitch black and single spotlights illuminated the occupied stage the majority of girls looked 1-2 years younger than us we pushed our way through the vast crowd to get a better view I had to say the music wasn't bad but not really my style. We finally stood at the front leaving a lot of pushed fangirls angry I looked up at the stage and gasped at the sight of Oscar singing main vocals at the front with a girl that had short purple hair playing the drums and another guy with long brown hair tied back in a bun playing the guitar. Oscar looked surprising good he wore a white long suit shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and skinny jeans he sang into the microphone with his eyes closed making me want chant his name just like the other girls in the crowd but Kate and I remained calm and simply nodded our heads to the music. Oscar opened his eyes to survey the crowd and his eyes landed on me he choked on his words making the song sound weird for a second and looked in disbelief at me, he carried on singing but avoided looking anywhere in my direction they finished the song and Oscar called for a break and gave me an annoyed sideways glance as he did "we'll be back in twenty" he said and gave a awkward smile to the crowd, that drove them wild. He and the others walked of the stage casually "I know him!" I said shouting over the crowd to Kate "how?" Kate questioned "from work, come on" I said, already pulling Kate backstage, ensuring none of the others saw. The door was stiff but opened eventually and the noise was trapped outside. I breathed a sigh of relief and looked around and saw Kate was scowling at me "sorry, I'm just curious today" I said smiling nervously "curiosity killed the cat" was all she said I shrugged and went through the beaded curtains, Kate following close behind me "retro vibes is all I'm getting" Kate said as we entered into a cramped little space with a few retro chairs and a leather beanbag  the whole band sat in the room and looked up as soon as we entered "hi" I said realizing that I hadn't planned this far ahead I couldn't just walk in and declare that I know Oscar that would be dumb and pointless, I froze up and relief washed over me when Kate intervened "hi, I'm Kate and this is Flora we thought that was amazing and we decided we'd get you all..." she looked to me for help "erm... some food, on us of course". I saw Oscar smirking and trying his best to hold in a laugh "thanks, we're glad you liked it. I'm Jackie" said the one girl with the purple hair "this is Matt..." she said pointing to the guy cleaning his guitar he smiled and carried on "...and Oscar the relentless heartthrob of our group" she said smiling he shot her a deadly look and she smiled holding her hands up in surrender "well you guys can join us in the dining room whenever, we'll be eating so, bye" Kate said confidently as she walked out with me shuffling behind her.

We sat in the diner with our empty plates and waited for them to come out "shall we leave, they're obviously not coming" Kate said as she fidgeted with a paper napkin "no I'm sure they'll come any second now" I said and right on cue the three walked over to us and sat in our booth "hi" said Matt as he sat next to me Jackie sat in between Kate and I and Oscar sat on the end and didn't bother to socialize. "Hi" I said back handing all of them a menu "this was really kind of you two thanks" Jackie said looking from me to Kate with a sincere expression "no problem" Kate said attempting to hand Oscar a menu he took it, closed it and said "I don't take charity" "suit yourself" Kate said I looked at Oscar he didn't protest at all when I gave him the money last week.

After a while waiting the orders came back in the form of piping hot food I still felt a little peckish and ordered a small portion of fries "so how did Pulse come to be, any origin story?" I asked during the awkward chewing and accidental eye contact "it's actually quite normal" Matt began pushing his barren plate away from him "we all met in high school and Oscar had the idea to start a band we thought he was joking but in college we finally decided it could be a good idea a way for all of us to make money while having fun" I nodded my head in understanding "and the name Pulse?" I asked nibbling on a chip "oh Oscar was in a hospital bed on life support and told us wether he did or didn't make it we had to call the band Pulse, I mean we couldn't just turn it down even if we didn't like it" "Matt honestly, shut up" Oscar said after not having spoken a word the whole time. He got up grabbed a handful of my fries and walked away "where are you going?" Jackie shouted to him "to practice were on in five minutes" he said halfway between eating a chip and we watched him saunter off. "Hey Flora, you hungry anymore?" Asked Jackie "not really" she looked from me to Oscar and I finally got the gist and followed him through a backdoor that went straight backstage, along with my chips, "hey" I said he heard me but pretended he hadn't "look I don't have to be here Jackie told me to come, the least you could do is look at me" I said calmly knowing from past experience not to wind him up "there's a word in English called no, use it" he said bitterly I held the door slightly ajar "you seemed hungry, so I brought this" I said putting them on the side "you know the modest thing to do was just accept the food then everyone would be happy" I said "you can leave now..." he said taking the fries "let me close this window first, it's pretty cold for the middle of summer right?" "Whatev...don't close the door!" he said just after the door softly clicked into position "why?, anyway I'll see you round" I said grasping the door handle I tugged on it and it didn't budge, oh crap. I turned to Oscar who was shaking his head slowly "oops" I squeaked and thanks to me we were locked in. Good job Flora I thought sarcastically, good job...



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