Millionaire Girl

7:35 Waters Resident
"Flora, could you pass me the salt?" my mother said sternly I could tell she was just trying to avoid the topic of the conversation. Her face had worn a frown for the past ten minutes and the rest of my family had fallen silent whilst we argued "but I don't get it, why won't you let me get a job?" My mother's frown deepened at this and I knew the answer already. "Because Flora, dear it is not expected for upperclass people such as us to get a part-time job at a cheap jewellery store!"

Flora Waters a sixteen year old, daughter of Émilie and John Waters of which are millionaires, slightly fed up of the rich life Flora takes up a job at a jewellery store, meeting a lot of new people and odd characters of which one of them is Oscar a rude and enclosed employee, who hates Flora but soon takes a liking to her...


5. Chapter 5

My mother gave me a death stare as I left for work but she would've done worse if she found out where I was yesterday. I wondered as I changed into my uniform at Hanson's I remembered last night's kiss that would've turned into an all-out make out session if Oscar's drink hadn't spilt on me. I had left without saying bye which was pretty rude but then again he did steal my phone number and lie to me several times so I'd say we were even. I walked out of the stock room and towards Oscar who looked worn out "hi" I said he gave me a look that basically said 'eww' "you were all over me yesterday and now your..."  he put a hand over my lips to shut me up "I was drunk okay, it was the alcohol talking" he lied, I saw right through it "yeah and I guess it was the alcohol kissing as well?" I said in a hushed voice so customers wouldn't hear he rolled his eyes and walked away in a sulk and a weird feeling of triumph rose in me it felt strange to be so close to someone but also quite comforting and I never would have guessed that Oscar would have been so gentle and kind, I think... but that didn't matter he'd gone back to his bitter self overnight and I didn't really care much about him anyways I thought just as Chelsea walked out of her office carrying two small jewellery boxes she called Oscar and I over and explained her plan.

"So since it's only you two who actually bothered to turn up I thought we could have some fun" she said brightly waving the two little boxes up and down "your definition of 'fun' most likely isn't the same as mine, I'll pass thanks" Oscar said turning away "the prize is a fifty percent bonus, for today" he turned back around and put on what I assumed was his 'listening face', Chelsea continued "I want to see who can get their customers to buy the most items, I'll be able to tell from the receipts if you serve someone so don't even think of cheating, speaking of cheating, no bribery or forceful words to the customers or stealing the other persons customer, a box for each of you to put the receipts in and play fair, capiche?" I nodded my head and set straight of to find a customer Oscar began to run to a young women and I walked calmly to an old lady who looked bemused by the staggering variation of our stock "do you need any help?" I asked in an unnaturally sweet voice "she pointed to some simple stud earrings and then to a giant rock, that I was guessing was also an earring "which one?" She asked "well it depends who it's for?" I said she looked at me blinked and said "my step granddaughter, twelve next week" she said allowing herself a broad smile "well I'd get the smaller ones, and these necklaces are all the rage right now with 11-13 year olds" I lied she agreed and picked one up "and why not complete the set with this charming ring, I mean look at how it shifts colours what little girl wouldn't want this!" I said tilting the ring this way and that to show the rainbow colours it emitted "yes, why not then" and she took the ring from my hands I smiled and looked over at what Oscar was up to and his strategy was plain flirting, although it was effective she had a basket full of jewellery and a flirtatious smile on her lips as she talked to Oscar he pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled something down she snatched willingly from his hands and went to checkout her shopping.

"Chelsea he should be disqualified, he's just flirting with every girl that walks in" I said to Chelsea a few hours after the game had started I peered out at Oscar and typical, he was chatting up another girl she called Oscar over "are you flirting with our customers?" She said looking him up and down "maybe, actually no I'm just telling them what they want to hear like wow that necklace goes with your beautiful eyes" he said using me as an example even though he didn't mean it my cheeks blushed " were giving them your number as well" I said feeling like a baby looking to blame something on someone "that was the number for Dominos Pizza" "how do you know that off by heart?" I questioned "because maybe I eat pizza a lot, little miss nosy" I glared at him but he just  smirked and turned back to Chelsea "finished?" She asked looking at both of us "for that your past...eight receipts will be removed from this" "what are you serious!?" He protested "this was supposed to be FAIR and you went against that you better get back to that customer, she's putting things back" he gave me a glare that sent shivers down my back and through every vein in my body I had to say it was much less pathetic than mine only minutes before.

I pulled the shutters down for the front of the shop as did others in the shopping  centre "I have the results" Chelsea said once I was back in the shop Oscar had stopped drinking his water and looked just as eager as me to find out the winner "drum roll please" silence "okay then, no drum roll, the winner is... Flora! Well done" I smiled and looked at Oscar who already had his jacket and bag on Chelsea handed me an envelope "spend it wisely" she said just as Oscar left "thanks, and bye" I said walking out of the shop via the back door I looked expectantly at the envelope like it was going to perform magic tricks before my eyes "I don't need this " I said aloud then I just ran, up all the flights of stairs to get to the parking lot where Oscar's car sat "Oscar!" I shouted towards him as he unlocked his car he rolled his eyes at the sight and sound of me I ran up to him before he got the chance to open his door. I leant on the door and looked him in the eye "here to brag I bet, rich girl becomes richer!" He mocked "shut up, and give me your hand" "wow a proposal, didn't see that coming" I ignored him and lifted his hand up for him. I then took out the money-stuffed envelope and lay it in his hands I thought I saw a thankful almost cute look in his eyes until they went back to their regular selves "I'm glad my heart isn't as black as yours" I said smiling I left without another word. 

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