Millionaire Girl

7:35 Waters Resident
"Flora, could you pass me the salt?" my mother said sternly I could tell she was just trying to avoid the topic of the conversation. Her face had worn a frown for the past ten minutes and the rest of my family had fallen silent whilst we argued "but I don't get it, why won't you let me get a job?" My mother's frown deepened at this and I knew the answer already. "Because Flora, dear it is not expected for upperclass people such as us to get a part-time job at a cheap jewellery store!"

Flora Waters a sixteen year old, daughter of Émilie and John Waters of which are millionaires, slightly fed up of the rich life Flora takes up a job at a jewellery store, meeting a lot of new people and odd characters of which one of them is Oscar a rude and enclosed employee, who hates Flora but soon takes a liking to her...


4. Chapter 4

We stood at the wall for a few seconds I dared not look him in the eye, I looked everywhere else except for his eyes but he held his gaze on me "well, gotta... er get back to work...boss" I said awkwardly and almost sprinted out of the store room. I didn't talk to Oscar for the rest of the day except when I told him I was leaving, he pretended he hadn't heard me I shrugged and walked out of the shop it was 2:45 when a bus finally pulled up to the stop, I clutched the bright orange handles and made my way into a seat. It stopped at a stop close to my house,  I hopped off and walked up the large driveway and to my front door. Our home was a large five-floored mansion we had a bathroom and two bedrooms for each floor of which the bedrooms were all accompanied with an en suite. It was ridiculously big especially when only our family of five lived here with occasional guests that sleep over. Who we're mostly my father's business partners.

I stepped in and onto our pure marble floor that had to waxed and polished at least every week. My mother came to look at who had come in "Flora, what are you wearing!? Cheap cotton, I never raised you like this" she tutted at the end of this which made me want to slap her. Although she was my mother she was SUCH a pain to be around. I rolled my eyes and didn't respond. I ran to my room and shut the door behind me blocking out my mother's voice she sounded like she had just picked up the phone her obnoxious voice could be heard anywhere. I slumped onto my bed and covers that were made of  baby pink silk, I pulled my MacBook Pro out of it's case and searched for Oscar on Facebook I had no idea what his last name was so I put Hanson's after it tons of crazy things came up and deep down in the results I found a fan page for him that had only two followers. I scrolled through the posts and blurry pictures of Oscar working in Hanson's filled the page. I laughed heartily and saved a screenshot, just in case. Just as my giggle fit was over my phone vibrated and sung its catchy ringtone I picked it up and the caller ID showed an unknown number and I hesitated a little but still  answered the phone assuming it would be one of my friends telling me to add their number on the other end. But no. It was Oscar. "Hi Flora" I heard Oscar say in a slightly slurred voice I could tell he was drunk and loud music was blaring muffling his voice a little. "How did you get my number and where are you?" I said down the phone " I took your number out of the Hanson's phone book cause... I thought you were cute..." he laughed after it and I felt my stomach flip he didn't now sound as drunk as I thought he was "we...well get home it's already 1:30 in the morning" I said like a concerned parent "come, it'll be twice as much fun with you here" he said "I can't my mum will kill me!", "I'll see there, Brookdale Avenue house 490" he said and ended the phone call I hung up as well torn between whether I should stay at home and be good girl or go out to that party with Oscar. "Whatever!" I said whilst flinging the doors open of my walk in closet I picked out my black shorts and a mint blue blouse I pulled on my black converse I grabbed my bag, my phone and a small amount of cash. 

I crept down the stairs and through the backdoor trying to make the least amount of noise possible  and made successfully out of my house I pulled my phone out and consulted Google maps for the directions. It was a few minutes away and I was there within no time. I couldn't help but smile I'd always just been to formal parties with those large champagne glass towers and people talking about how good their business is going. I walked into the house it was small but roomy on the inside the hallway was packed with people drinking and shouting above the blasting music to be heard.

I walked around for a while avoiding the guys who were going round handing out their 'special raspberry punch' I finally found Oscar sitting in the corner on his own with a bottle of orange juice. "Huh... hi I made it"  he gave what I will take as a smile and patted the floor next to him for me to sit. "I thought you were drunk" I said it sounded more like a question than a statement. "No I pretended so you'd come" I looked away for a few seconds and then jumped back into asking questions "so what you said was a lie, about me being cute?... "  I said and looked at my fingers  "yeah I guess so, but I did steal your phone number from the Hanson's phone book" he said trying to be funny, when I didn't laugh then he stopped talking. "Well, I'll be going then" I said hauling myself up but a strong hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me down again.

"Look, I'm sorry just stay a little while longer, okay" I didn't answer but stayed where I was  "I brought one for you as well" he said and pulled an orange juice from behind his back and handed it to me, " you do know you've got a Facebook page dedicated to you?" I said he shrugged and looked at me "it's weird don't you mind it?" He shook his head I looked into my bottle of juice when I looked up I realized Oscar was staring at me I stared back and pretended to be unfazed by his actions. A girl dancing near us fell landing nearly on Oscar who fell onto me in a huge muddle the girl apologized and walked away quickly. "Oscar you can get off me now" I said trying, and failing to push him off me he looked at me right in my eyes and he was getting dangerously close "what are you doing?" I asked he was looking at my lips "nothing" he whispered "then why are you whispering?" I  said imitating his whisper I laughed and he held his hand up to my hair and brushed it out of my face and behind my ear "okay, get off, I need to go" I said attempting to push him off again. We stayed like this for a while until he leant in and his lips touched mine. I documented this in my head. My  first kiss was with my co-worker who I'd known for approximately three days at a house party at around 2:05 in the morning.

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