Millionaire Girl

7:35 Waters Resident
"Flora, could you pass me the salt?" my mother said sternly I could tell she was just trying to avoid the topic of the conversation. Her face had worn a frown for the past ten minutes and the rest of my family had fallen silent whilst we argued "but I don't get it, why won't you let me get a job?" My mother's frown deepened at this and I knew the answer already. "Because Flora, dear it is not expected for upperclass people such as us to get a part-time job at a cheap jewellery store!"

Flora Waters a sixteen year old, daughter of Émilie and John Waters of which are millionaires, slightly fed up of the rich life Flora takes up a job at a jewellery store, meeting a lot of new people and odd characters of which one of them is Oscar a rude and enclosed employee, who hates Flora but soon takes a liking to her...


3. Chapter 3

I stepped of the bus and headed, for the second time, into Kendricks shopping centre, a vanilla bubble tea in hand. My mother had ignored me all throughout yesterday and acted like I was invisible I just shook it off by going shopping Primark. The clothes there were WAY cheaper than the designer brands I usually bought and I wore those clothes today, so that I didn't look like such an oddball amongst everybody else.

I walked into Hanson's and went straight for the stock room. Giving a non verbal message to Oscar that I didn't care if the stock room wasn't a changing room. I slipped out of the stock room and went over to Oscar seen as Chelsea wasn't in today "hi do you know where Chelsea is?" He looked at me blankly. One cheek was slightly redder than the other from where I slapped him and a sea of guilt washed over me "she's at a business meeting, she put in me charge." He said whilst opening a box with sharp scissors why, why Oscar Chelsea? I thought to myself whilst taking a deep breath in and asking "well what do you want me to do?" There was a brief silence and a lot of me shuffling my feet "quit this job" he murmured just loud enough that I could hear him "excuse me?" I said he glanced at me and a I saw a small smile flicker across his lips for a just second. He stood up and looked me straight in the eye like yesterday "your not cut out for this job or any job in fact. Everybody can tell that you don't need the job anyway, you look filthy rich already" he said walking past me to a small snack shelf and purposely nudging me on the way.

I blocked him out and walked over to some shelves and began organizing pieces of jewellery I slightly regretted applying for this job especially since I was pushed into a shelf by my crazy co-worker I avoided going onto the same aisles as Oscar did and concentrated on work. I looked at my Pandora watch, it read break and Oscar was already heading out of the shop for his. I'm sure Jack and Elliot would mind Hanson's whilst Oscar and I were on our lunch break I looked over a Elliot who stood at the till he worked here whilst Chelsea was away, apparently. I bolted into the stock room and out again carrying my bag and walked out of Hanson's to meet Oscar who had just walked out. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned round a look of boredom crossed his face at the sight of me "I thought we could get to know each other by having lunch together" I said I hated having enemy's and hopefully I could take Oscar off that list. "Go away" he said straight away "Whatever you buy...erm I'll pay for" he didn't seem to disagree so I followed behind him. We stopped at an ice cream parlour. "I'm eating here" he said and pushed the glass door open.

A girl about my age stood at till and smiled when we came in. It was half full and decorated like a diner with a black and white checkered floor and pale pink walls it didn't look like Oscars style at all. He smiled brightly when he talked to the girl, her name tag read Justine she had bright ginger hair and a few freckles on her nose to match. I had to admit she was pretty which was probably why Oscar was talking so much to her. He stood chatting for about ten minutes and finally began to order "I'll have caramel ice cream..." he said still smiling "...and you Flora?" He asked "err cookie dough, thanks" I said plastering on a smile she grabbed two bowls and put generous scoops of our orders in each bowl. She then put them on counter and told us the total. I fished about in my bag for my purse and pulled out a £10 note she took it off my hands and we walked out "somebody's got a crush" I said to Oscar he looked away and his usual scowl was on his face once again.

We arrived at Hanson's and I went straight to the stock room. It was  the quietest place in the whole store I had noticed so I sat down and enjoyed my ice cream (which was mostly mush now). Oscar came in and sat down I was slightly hidden behind boxes so he hadn't noticed me yet. I looked at him through a gap in the boxes, not in a creepy way though, he placed his ice cream on a box next to him and pulled his phone out taking mouthfuls of ice cream whilst on his phone I turned myself to get a better view and it ended in disaster. The boxes must have been quite light the went down like dominoes revealing me to Oscar who had a delayed reaction and looked up as the last box fell.

"Do you have a boyfriend" he asked me unexpectedly I never even kissed a boy, never mind dating I thought "no... why do you ask?" "Never mind" he mumbled and went back to his phone "and the girl in the shop wasn't my crush she's my step sister" he said. I felt relieved for some reason and leant back on the wall behind me. after a few silent minutes I had finished of my ice cream and waiting until my break ended when Oscar walked over to me "breaks over, out" he said" "have you ever kissed anyone?" I said without knowing and my cheeks went a bright red "come to think of it, no" he said stepping closer I stood up happy with the answer he had given me and was ready to run for the door if anything happened he stood a few inches taller than me and he had gotten closer within the last few seconds. "Have you?" He asked I looked at my feet his breath smelt of sweet caramel and was warm against my skin, I shook my head and looked up...

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