They Once Lived Together As Twins Sisters. They Were Much Like The Yin Yang. Carina Was Yin, Black With Little White. She Resembled Elegance With Purity & Was The Youngest. Lucille Was Yang, White With Little Black. She Resembled Peace With Mysteriousness & Was The Oldest. They Can Separate Them But They're Still Sisters.


1. Prologue: I Remember

I Remember.

I Remember When Things Were Great.

Don't You Remember?

Dear Sister?

I Remember That Me & Mercedes Used To Do Everything Together.

Play Ring-a-ring o' roses, Eat Biscuits, Ride our bikes, Everything.

I Was Happy.

So Was Mercedes.

Even Though, Mercedes Was Older Than Me & She Spent Most Of Her Time With Father.

We Rarely Spend Time Together

Then One Day, You Came To This World.

I Remembering Whispering In Your Ear,

" Welcome To Your Life, Carina. "

Mum Said To Me " She Yours Forever, Lucille. "

" Take Special Care Of Your Sister. "

And I Took That Promise.

I Loved You.

More Than Everything.



I Remember That Whenever We Were Seen Together, People Adored Us.

I Remember When They Used To Say:

" You Two Are So Much Alike! "

They Were Right.

When I Saw You Grow Up, You Almost Looked Exactly Like Me.

Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Slight Freckles & A Face That Looked So Innocent.

So Pure.

But Carina, You Were Much Different Than Me.

You Were More Like The Yin.

I Was Like The Yang.

Yin Was Black, That Represented Elegance & Mysteriousness.

Yang Was White, That Represented Peace & Innocence.

Yin Was All Black But Had A Little White.

Yang Was All White But Had A Little Black.

You Were Yin.

I Was Yang.


Then Things Weren't Going So Well For Us.

Mum Was Very Sick.

Father Was Slowly Losing Income.

Mercedes Became Abusive.

Mum & Father Was Always Getting Into Fights.

Very Loud Fights.

You Were Scared.

And So Was I.

But I Protected You. 


One Day, Mum & Father Were In A Huge & Loud Fight.

We Were Playing Dolls In Our Bedroom.

You Got Very Scared.

I Was Too.

But I Said " Just Ignore It. It'll Go Away Soon. "

It Didn't.

Mum Yelled Louder.

So Did Father.

Then I Remember The Last Words They Said Together:

" We're Done!! "

Mum Came Into Our Room.

She Grabbed You & Left.

I Ran After Her, Trying To Get You Back. 

Father Stopped Me & Grabbed Me Too.

Mum's Final Words To Father Was:

" Goodbye... "

They Were Divorced. 

I Tried To Escape Out Of Father's Arm.

But I Couldn't.

I Grabbed Your Hand Tightly.

The Final Words You Said To Me Was:

" Lucy! Don't Let Go! "

" I Won't! "

Mum Grabbed Your Hand & Made You Let Go.

You Were Crying.

The Last Things I Said To You Were:

" Carina! I Love You! "

Everything Was A Blur For Me.

I Was Crying Too.



We Became...Separated.



I Was Devastated.



I Remember.

When I Felt Heartbroken...







For A Very Long Time.

Without You, Carina.




I Loved You.

And I Missed You.

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