1. Greed

Find me the killer,
The one that ends all;
Find me the killer,
The one that won’t fall.

Children can’t fight it,
It takes them in stride;
Adults will not notice it,
Until most have died.

Knowledge fought hard,
They battled a while;
The mind it takes hard,
And wins by a mile.

It’s a strange fact,
Ridiculous you see,
The killer in fact,
Resides in you and in me.

It urges us onward,
Through life day by day;
As it pushes us onward,
The less we get a say.

It takes us by the heart,
And ruins us beyond repair;
Until we no longer have the heart,
Or ability to care.

If you cannot fathom what this killer is,
You cannot fathom at all,
Look inside you where it is,
And prevent your own downfall.

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