This is a love story about Emma and David. How did they fall for each other, good question. Everyone says complete opposites attract, and they were kind of right. David and Emma have a lot in common, yet are nothing alike. Will David leave Emma, when she needs him most? Or will he stay with her till the very end?


1. Intro

                   Emma's POV

Hi. I'm Emma Shade. I know, weird name. I'm a freshman in highschool. I have long, curly, dirty blonde hair. Always a mess, well, at least I think it's a mess. I'm one of the popular girls at school, but I'm only a bitch to people who treat me like one, or worse. So for the most part I'm nice. I don't have a boyfriend, or a crush. I'm just a loner. Lots of boys like me, but I really don't see what they see in me. All I see is a girl with some cute nerdy glasses, with a good taste in fashion. I'm a huge five seconds of summer fan. And one direction fan too. My favorite from 5SOS is Michael, he's so unique. My favorite from 1D is Louis. I'm really skinny. I'm also a cheerleader. Our school colors are red and blue. I'm very preppy. My favorite color is purple, it just shows so much of my personality. Everyone thinks I'm that girl that doesn't have any problems, in other words they think I'm perfect. I'm not though. I'm the complete opposite of perfect. My mom passed away when I was two. My dad goes on month long business trips, leaving me alone at the house. My best friend is Tracy, she's been there most of the time I needed a friend. I only actually have one friend, everyone else, I don't know, just worship me or whatever. I just wish they all knew how I felt on the inside. What I think about through the day. But I know for a fact that it will never happen.


A/N: I hope you guys liked it. Please read my other story called Forbidden Love (Draco Malfoy) I try to update as soon as I can. Like, favorite, and share please! Comment any ideas for the story, in case I get writers block.

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