Ny movella


1. Landscape gazing

As you sit comfortably with a world of beauty flashing before your eyes

In the silent distant you hear their desparate cries

For the river you're gazing at was not made harmoniously by time and the everlasting promise of tomorrow

But rather from the little children's tears and sorrow

Working for a vast variety of white men

Their body is a mere tool to you, because you think you own them

The vibrant green grass that embrace your feet so gently

Didn't just emerge from the solid cold ground coincidentally

For their little dead bodies make up the nutrient rich earth

Just so you can give way for your greed and expand your financial girth

Was your financial girth really worth having all this dirt on your hands interfering with your plans questioning your stands?

And the astonishing blue sky you so often get lost in

Is not a product of mother natures kindness, and you have no idea what is has been costing

For the lives, suffering and misfortune of all those children mean nothing to you

They couldn't possibly be worth more than your average bottle of shampoo

You step on them because they are your definite path to success

But when you look in the rear view all you caused was distress

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