Jack, the boy with a heart of bone

Life will change for ever when the boy of her dreams walks into but will it end happy or up in flames. Read on to find out.


1. the encounter

I slowly slip out of my bed. Feeling the cold air on my warm skin. It was still early so the house was silent. It sent shivers down my spine. The only thing that broke the silents was the sound of me stubbing my toes on the end of the bed. "Shit" i say trying not to scream. I limp over tho my my CD play and put in My Chemical Romans and put it to my fave track.

I grab my black ripped skinny jeans and my red pined top. The site of my pail lifeless face in the mirror mad me look like a walking corps. I try and tame my mop of black long hair, then giving up and letting it do what ever it wont's. Tying up my black DM's I grab my bag and keys. My numb cold fingers try to put the key into the ignition but it fails dramatically loosing my keys to the side of my seat. "Ahhhh" i muter and go fishing for my keys.

I feel something hard. I grab it. "AWCH" something yells from behind me. I slowly turn round to see him..... Jack

Jack was sat there i wonted to scream but nothing came out. He pulled out his hand, if u can call it that, from under the seat and handed me the keys i had dropped. He dropped them into my hand and i turned to put the keys in the ignition. When i finally turned back there was nothing. He was gone. Just like that. I sped away without a second thought.

I finally came to the concussion it was all a figment of my margination and i was day dreaming. I pulled into the car park of my collage and picked up my bags. I stepped out locking the door behind me.

Walking throw the car park. It was all i could think about. Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder. I turn expecting to see jack but it was only Gray.

"Hey, Gem how was your weekend," he asked me. "Hi, Gray...... It was alright i guess what about you. Did you get your art done in the end," i mutter back. "Yeah thank god. Hey are you okay you seam not your self today," he says worriedly. "Im fine" giving him the biggest fakest smile i could as we walked into the collage.

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