Good enough


4. failure

I will never be the winner

I'll always be the failure.... In your eyes

Sometimes I think you wishes that I was never born.

Everything I do is wrong.

When mom did, I was the little girl that didn't know how to do a single thing and I was always the one who was wrong.

When I use the time from I come home from school to when you come home from work to clean the house... It's never good enough.

When I told you that I wanted to move to a school in south Denmark was I not ready and I didn't know what I wanted and I was just stupid that I could think that I could come in on that school

To you I have never been cleaver or good enough.

You yell at me, for every little thing you can think about.

I'm tired..... Just to tired but I can't... because every night I hear you in my head saying I'm not good enough.

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