The Rising Sun's Mourning Grave

Nakomi is just like every other girl if you count having no friends just like every girl. School's out for summer and Nakomi is being sent to a summer camp in the middle of nowhere. Nakomi isn't used to this being from a big city in New York. Nakomi isn't the fondest of going to this camp but she is fine as long as she has her sketchbook, pencil and art supplies. Nakomi decides to bring a new sketchbook to camp only to find that there are a group of girls out to get her. These girls decide to destroy her sketchbook making matters even worse. Will Nakomi survive camp? Read more to find out.


1. Schools Out!

School will be over in 30 minutes and then summer will begin. My plans for summer would normally be draw, watch anime, read and play with Riv. But my mother decided to sign me up for a summer camp in the countryside of New York. So by this time tomorrow I will be somewhere in the middle of nowhere bored out of my mine and surrounded by stinky sweaty kids. I really wish mom hadn't enrolled me in this stupid camp because I would also miss out on the news of the most popular boy in school Asher. He lives down the street from me and probably has never noticed me in his entire life. I have had a crush on him since 3rd grade when he moved here that summer and became the most popular 4th grader in the school. He is also in every advanced class and so am I. I even get to sit behind him in Geography which is the class we are currently in. I dare say anymore for if anyone were to know I wou- 

"Hey, Nakomi. I heard that you are pretty good at drawing, especially manga. Mind drawing me something?" This had caught me off guard. Especially since Asher had never said or acknowledged me his entire life. As I processed the words he had said thinking about what I should say.

As I finally came up with what I would say I said, "What? You want me to draw something for you? But nobody who is anybody ever wants to even make eye contact with me. Not even the nerds muster up the will to make a new friend and talk to me. So, why would you the most popular kid in school want me to draw something for you?"

It took him no time at all to reply, "Well I've seen your drawings and I've been inspired to join the art club once school starts up again." 

I looked at him like he had just shot me through the chest. "Why would you want to join the art club. The art club is only for dorks and nerds like me except I am more consider the stupid girl with no friends." I said this truthfully that is what most people considered me as. And yes it may seem sad but it is the simple truth. Just like the fact that I will be away at some stupid camp in the middle of nowhere this summer.

"You aren't stupid. You're in all of the advanced classes if anything you're a genius. I mean you're just smarter than most people. You know what I mean right?" Wow my very first time speaking to Asher and he was praising me like some sort of goddess. 

"Well thanks. I mea- 

The sound of the final bell rang throughout the entire school. One of Asher's buddies Connor came over and looked so horrified you'de of thought that he was stabbed through the back multiple times.

"Are you talking to Knick Knack Nakomi? She's like the world's biggest loser man why are you wasting time talking to her?" He asked with the same horrified look on his face mixed with disgust. 

"Connor you can shut up. She's actually really cool and a super good drawer." Asher shouted mildly with a bit of anger in his voice. I couldn't believe it first time talking to Asher he thinks I am cool, he's praising me and he stood up for me. I didn't believe it possible for a guy like him to do something like that, I mean he is a jock right? I mean why would he do such things? "Are you okay?" he asked looking utterly confused. I looked around and noticed that Connor was gone and so was Mr. Fettig our Geography teacher. 

"Oh sorry did the bell ring? And why are you waiting for me? You've barely even notice me and why did you stand up for me like that in front of your best friend?"

"I saw a chance so I took it and I'm glad that I did. I guess I'll see you when school starts up again." 

I started to wonder if he knew I was going to camp but that was ridiculous. But I was still curious so I asked,"Why are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah I have to work in this place all summer for my Uncle. See he also loves manga so I was wondering if you could draw me something before I leave but it's such short notice I know it can't be done. I guess I just wanted to show my Uncle I was trying it out and even talking to really cool people at my school who are really good at drawing."

I thought about it for a moment and I finally got it. "I could draw it, bring it down the rode to your house and asked that it be mailed to you." Except the thing is I wasn't going to be around I guess I'll just mail it from the middle of nowhere.

He looked at me and said, "See ya! I am so glad I finally had the guts to ask you out-I mean ask you to be my friend. I mean I have always wanted to be your friend just never had the chance because of my friends. But, I have changed and don't care what my friends think about you." After giving his "speech" he surprised me with a hug at first I let my arms dangle shocked and weirded out as my chest was rubbing against his. But decided this my only chance till school started again so I wrapped my arms around his back. We eventually let go, he waved I waved back and I was just able to catch a smile and bright red cheeks. This was the best day ever!

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