WINTER Yandere x You

The Four Seasons are the Creators and friends of the people of Agnalow, another world unknown to us. There, Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter watch over their Creations, their people, and look after them, blessing them each month with the Seasons. Winter, however, is becoming a bit... obsessed with a certain someone. You. Yandere x Reader story.


1. Prologue: ❤ Agnalow ❤

Once every year on Agnalow, the world unknown to us humans, the Four Seasons meet to discuss when which of them would take their turn to look after the world and drape it in snow, sun, flowers or leaves. Since they didn't like to be boring all the time, they swapped the pattern around a lot. Sometimes Autumn would come first, and sometimes Summer would. And then Spring would take over in first place, and Winter next.
The four Gods were well known through the world - for they were the Creators after all - and so every year when they met up the rest of the world waited with baited breath to find out who would come first, second, third and fourth.
Sometimes the Four Seasons rolled a dice, sometimes they simply discussed, but this year they were doing it by popularity, letting their public choose.
Not many Gods chose to converse with their Creations, but these Gods were loving and kind and spent all their days on Agnalow, proud to he seen and heard and firmly believed in by their Creations. 
First was Summer, the God of sun and warmth, his hair a blazing mess of fire upon his tanned face and his eyes a smouldering golden. Second was Autumn, God of trees, her orange and brown leafy hair tumbling down to her dark ankles and her eyes a bright green, shining.
Third was Spring, God of flowers with pixie ears, a sweet forget-me-not tucked behind her blonde locks and her eyes the pink colour of a soft rose.
Fourth was Winter. It wasn't because he was unliked that he was last, in fact he was rather popular with the girls, it was just that people didn't really like the harsh biting cold of his winds and the blanket of snow that would fall on them and freeze them when his time to look after Agnalow came. Winter was the God of snow and ice. His eyes were blue and white ice embedded into the sparkling deathly pale skin of his face, and his hair was made up of twinkling snowflakes that left trails of ice on his cheeks. He was unlike his fellow Creators. They were loud, brash, full of energy, could whip the crowd into a frenzy - all except Autumn who swapped between loud and calm. Winter was not. Winter was shy, quiet and liked to keep him self. He adored watching his Creations from above in the clouds and caring for them further away rather than close up and personally. He was awkward and strange, but the people still loved him, taken by how sweet he was.
And he loved his people.
Especially you.
He loved to watch you from the clouds, the way you hummed in the summer and fanned your self in the smoldering heat. The way you plucked flowers so carefully from the ground in spring and placed them in your hair with fascinating delicacy. The way you kicked your way through the leaves in the Autumn with childish delight, the oranges framing your face with a gorgeous tint. 
He loved you mostly in the winter.
When he came down to Agnalow for his few allotted months to gift them with snow and ice, he loved to sprinkle the air near you with a special amount of snow so the icicles could dress your hair and decorate your cheeks with utter beauty. 
Really, Winter had become quite obsessed with you. He had tried to approach you many times but his shyness and the overwhelming desire to have you close to him struck him over every time and he freaked out and never did anything.
But he was determined to do it now.
High above in the clouds Winter stood alone with the icy image of you in your house floating at his eye-level. His blue eyes were unblinking, staring, and his smooth lips were pulled up into a sad smile.
"Y/N..." He murmured. "The most beautiful creation... One day I'll speak to you. One day."
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