Now & Forever

The first single from my forthcoming album THE WIDENING GYRE.


1. Now & Forever


[Verse 1]

There’s no more eyes

That look so kind

No more love

Love that I can’t find

No more scars

They’re healed and gone

Crashing cars

They won’t get along


[Verse 2]

Too much pain

Blown away

Lookin’ forward

To the end of the day

Trapped in sheets

I’m hypnotized

Left wondering

How should I live my life?




It only gets so hard


Will we get that far?


Lookin’ to the sky


Till the day we, day we die

Day we, day we die


[Verse 3]

There’s no more friends

They upped and left

Stand alone

I can’t second guess

Like a wolf

I’ve lost my pack

I’ve found my way

I ain’t lookin’ back




No more lies

Leave me alone

This is a smile

‘Cause I’ve found my way home



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