Locked In.//M.G.C

"Guess what." He wipes a tear from my eye.

"What?!" I yell and swat his hand away.

"Sometimes forever... Doesn't actually mean forever." He sighs and walks away.


3. Aly



I was scared.




I walk to the bathroom with my head down. I was scared. I heard the bell ring to signal lunch was over. I heard fits of laughter and feet dragging coming my way. I pick up my pace and jog into the bathroom, opening up a stall and closing it shut gently. I sit on the toilet and go onto my phone with tears rushing down my face. They're going to hurt me. They're going to find a way to embarrass me in front of the school. They're going to ruin my life.

I sat there for at least 30 minutes before the speaker came on. "Aly French down to the office please. Aly French down to the office." The lady spoke through the speaker.

I sigh and stand up slowly. I unlock the stall door and shuffle over to the doorframe. I walk out of the bathroom after making sure nobody was outside. I trudge myself down the halls making my way to the office. When I get there the familiar faces look up at me.

"Where have you been?" The secretary asks me with a worried face.

"I was uh... In the uh... Bathroom?" I stutter looking down at my feet.

"Why were you in there for so long?" She puts her hands on her hips.

"I... Wasn't. I just went in like five minutes ago." I move my my feet nervously the secretary nods and motions towards the door signaling to me that I can leave.

I walk out and pull my beanie down lower. I shove my hands into my hoodie pockets while walking to my locker to get my stuff for fourth period.


Once I get to my class the Mrs. Sewell looks at me smiling. "Aly, glad you're here." She says sincerely. I nod quickly and look around for an empty seat that wasn't next to Michael. But sadly, that was the only seat left.

I bite my lip and walk over to the seat sitting down without looking at him. I feel his eyes wander my body which makes me uncomfortable. I position myself so one of my feet is on the chair and my head is resting on my knee.

I turn my body and glance I at Michael swiftly. His eyes were still on me and when he saw me look at him he smiled at me faintly.

I looked back at Mrs. Sewell and she was glaring at Michael and I. "Do you mind paying attention?" She raises her eyebrows at us and tilts her head.

Michael chuckles a bit and I look at him confused. "How do you know I'm not paying attention." He smirks at her and she sharpens her glare.

"Because if you were really paying attention you could repeat what just said." She taps her foot impatiently waiting for him to respond.

"Okay, you said, and I quote. 'Because if you were really paying attention you could repeat what I just said.'" Michael says being a smart ass.

"Michael, would you like a detention. I mean, it is free." She takes slow steps towards our table.

"I mean... As much as I love free things. I'll have to pass on this one." He laughs quietly.

Today was going to be a long day.


When the day was finally over, I packed up my bag and walked over to my car. Only to be greeted by the one and only Katelyn.

"Hi?" I tilt my head at her confused as to why she was there.

"Yeah yeah, I know what you were doing today." She says in a sassy tone. I opened my car door and shove my things in. Only to have it be closed again by Katelyn.

"Well, you might want to explain this to me because I have no clue what you're talking about." I say not knowing where my confidence is coming from.

"You.  Are. Trying. To. Get. With. Michael." She says slowly. I raise a eyebrow confused again.

I start laughing hysterically "Katelyn, you have this all wrong." She scoffs and places a hand on her waist.

"What exactly am I wrong about?" She rolls her eyes.

"Everything. First of all, I haven't said a word to Michael since kindergarten. Second of all, I regret saying that word to Michael.  And third of all, we were just sitting next to each other." I calm myself down a little.

"Yeah sure. Like I would believe such a lie." She removes her hand from her waist and crosses her arms.

"Believe what you want Katelyn. Just know that you have this wrong." I say and get in my car.

I close my door and put my key in the ignition. Once the car is started I drive out of the parking lot and into the road.


Once I get to my house I open my door to get out of the car. I walk up to the steps and knock on my door waiting for my mom to answer it.

"Coming!" I hear a high voice from behind the door. My mom opens the door and smiles at me. "How was your day?" She asks me as I step inside.

I shrug "It was... Interesting." I chuckle softly putting my bag on a chair.

"How so?" My mom says walking back over to the oven where she was making dinner.

"I don't know. I was just late to a couple classes but it was no big deal." I tell her with a sigh.

"Awww, I remember when I used to be late to all my classes." She says as she takes the pancakes off of the stove.

"Yeah it's pretty shitty." I say and grab a plate knowing she was going to make me eat dinner.

"Yeah, it was. I used to get in big trouble for it." She giggles at the memories which makes me smile. "Pancakes?" She offers me.

I nod and hold my plate out in which she puts two pancakes on it. I look at the food trying to hold back my gags.

"Do you want to fork?" She asks me and I nod once again. She hands me one and I smile slightly putting it down on my plate. I pick up the syrup that was already on the table and squirt a little on my pancakes.

I cut small piece off and put it on my mouth chewing slowly not wanting to swallow but knowing at had to.


Hey guys I made the chapter longer! (Somewhat) I tried okay?!

Anyways, I'm so bored right now it hurts. Like I wanna do something so bad but... There's absolutely nothing to do so I'm going to read.

Jk, who reads anymore? Wait... You're ready right now.... Sorry about that :/ I feel terrible (not really.)

Anyways, (again) byeeeee!

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