A romantic story between two males, and their time together, that they hope will last forever.

Zack - 32 - Top - DarkBrown hair/LightBrown eyes - British, but moved to Japan - almost 6'7 feet tall. - Job; Writer

Jimin - 25 - Bottom - Blond/Blue eyes - Have lived in Japan his whole life. - 5'4 feet tall - Has no job yet.


2. First kiss

Zack would often sit in front of his computer before bedtime, wondering what he should write about. His gaze followed up Jimin's thin build as he started to loosen his belt under the computer table. Jimin didn't know his roomie Zack was into him.. in that way straight couples are, sexually. The light from the computer, was the only light in the room. Slowly he closed the computer screen down and went closer towards Jimin's bed, moving a hand towards him. Wanting to feel his warm skin under his cold fingers, and so he did. He wanted to love him.. and not be afraid to come out to him. He knew Jimin was gay too even though he had never told anyone. Slowly he stroke his hair as he slept, just as quickly he pulled his hand towards his own chest. His feelings for him was growing stronger by Jimin's very presence.. Zack sat down beside him for comfort, leaning his cheek onto the boy's shoulder. Soon his mind would start to fade and he would be fast asleep beside the one he would soon be calling love..


"Jimin.. my tummy hurts.."

Zack stood by the kitchen table holding two hands infront of his stomach, Jimin as the friendly person he was would walk to him and touch where Zack told him it hurt

"Have you gotten something bad to eat? My cooking isn't that spicy is it?"

Jimin looked worried into Zack's eyes but Zack only shook his head.

"It hurts because I got something to tell you and I do not know how you will react.. maybe you will hate me for it.."

Jimin went to sit on the kitchen table, wondering what was up with his sudden change in mood.

"You know I would never be able to hate you, you're my best friend and that's also the reason I wanted you to be my roomie and not some random person I've never met in person" 

Zack came closer to him, he went to stroke up against his legs with his cold hands, Jimin looked at him confused but started to blush not knowing what his friend was about to do, what was this.. what was this feeling he got? He gulped down a ball of spit before he gasped out in panic only inches from his friend's lips.

"Do you really mean this.. i-it's not just a stupid prank? please don't tell me this is some sick joke.."

Zack's grin grew bigger on his face, he slowly kissed him now that he knew Jimin wanted it, he could see it on his blush and Jimin wouldn't move from the kiss.. he indeed kissed him back, but the kiss felt wet, like Jimin was crying. Why was he crying? Was he really this good of a kisser? Maybe it was just the heated moment that made him filled with emotions. The man that he loved, loved him back! This moment was a memory he would cherish forever. 

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