Bad Wolf (Doctor Who)

A girl, an alien, dark silhouettes, and a hidden past. What more is needed?


1. Part 1

I grew up moving around a lot. Mostly in New York though. When I got older we settled in Harlem, just me mom and dad. We had other family but they lived pretty far away and were old. When I was a sophomore in high school, my parents got into some freak accident killing them both. Whatever family we had left fought over who would take me in. They mostly wanted more money from social security for taking in a minor. They didn't actually care about me. Eventually it was decided that I would stay with one of my less money hungry uncles and his wife. The only thing was, they lived in Maryland. We constantly fought over my staying in New York until I graduated high school. I wanted to leave but what was the point of leaving with only two years left? Was their reasoning.


I couldn't take the fighting anymore so one night I just walked out. I grabbed a bag with some clothing and left while everyone was asleep. I made sure to grab my passport and the few hundred dollars I had stashed over the years. Leaving a note seemed too bothersome so I just closed the door and walked out into the street.


Even though the train station was around the corner it was still nighttime which means that the creeps from down the street are out and about being shifty. A breeze whispers by and chills me to the bone through my oversized sweater. That breeze was way too cold for late spring. I quicken my pace to get my blood flowing and to get to the station faster. As I'm about to turn the corner I look over my shoulder and stop dead in my tracks. Right across the street under a lamppost is a man shrouded in darkness, hiding in the shadows. I have only seen him twice before, this man. I called him the Man in Black.


I only vaguely remember what happened the first time I saw him. I remember waking up and seeing a man shrouded in darkness. He looked like he was wearing a suit with a top hat. Then I remember crying at my mothers side, waking her up. She asked me what was wrong and I pointed to the man who was standing right on the other side of the bed. He never seemed to move even when going from my room to my parents. He didn't even look like he was breathing. I don't remember anything after that except for the fact that I called him the Man in Black.


One night, I was sitting on the stoop in front of my house with my mother, just looking up at the stars. The moon looked so amazingly big that night. Then again I guess that when you are little, everything looks huge. But that night it just looked so big and round. Out of nowhere though, I see part of the moon just darken. It was so odd for a cloudless night. But then I realized it wasn't a cloud. It was him. If I squinted enough, I felt like he almost waved at me. That's how I knew that he was leaving.


"Goodbye stupid Man in Black!" I called out to him and stuck my tongue out in typical tot fashion. My mother turned to me with a small smile on her face.


"You shouldn't call him stupid honey. I don't think he meant to scare you. He was probably a wandering spirit in need of some company, that's all" she says. I considered her words for a moment and waved as the darkness on the moon faded, calling out another goodbye.


As I'm brought back to the present, I realize that there are tears running down my face. I quickly wipe them off and start moving towards the train station. Once I'm on the train, I start to breathe a little easier. Even though there aren't many people on the train, it's mostly partygoers and couples hanging out at night.


I end up getting off at 42nd street and head toward the bus terminal. As I'm walking I feel a chill run up and down my spine. I'm being watched. I slow my pace ever so slightly. Once I reach the line, I turn around to look. There he was, all the way in the darkest corner. I search his face for eyes, but I don't find anything, so instead I look to where his eyes should be. Suddenly a wave of dizziness washes over me, making everything move slowly. Looking around, I see more and more of him everywhere. I start breathing hard and I feel sweat dripping down the back of my neck, except the air conditioner is on full blast. I shiver from the cold.


"Next!" A clerk calls out to me. I blink and everything returns to normal. My head still feels a little fuzzy though. I shake my head to clear it a little and walk over to the blinking window number. The woman behind the glass is a tiny lady not much older than I with big curly hair and a nose piercing. Through her rectangle shaped glasses, she raises an eyebrow at me once I walk over. I give her a smile as if I was just on my merry way doing nothing wrong.


"You're not a runaway are you?" She asks before I open my mouth. Even though the question shocked me I had already prepared just in case.


"No. I'm actually going home. What makes you think I'm a runaway?" I frown in innocence. She sighs and shakes her head.


"Alright kid, where's home?" She asks, trying once again to catch me. Most newbie runaways start bawling before they get to the window. But not me. I smile sadly and sigh as if I didn't want to go home.


"I'm going to Philly. When's the next bus?" I ask. I check the digital clock behind her. It reads 12:45 am. Pretty late. I fidget as she checks the bus schedule (slowly).


"Sorry kid, but the next bus isn't until 1:30 am, so your gonna have to wait a while. Is that okay?" She says almost triumphantly. I try to hide the utter shock I feel and the surge of panic. What if they already noticed I'm gone? How fast would they find me? Is it too late? Should I just drop the act and run?


"Geeze. 1:30 am? That's pretty late, don't ya think, Laura?" Says a voice behind me. What? I turn around and find a lanky man with a brown suit on and possibly the best hair I've ever seen looking down at me. Winking, he turns to the clerks shocked face. Who is this?


"Yeah so I don't think 1:30 is gonna work. I don't think my niece mentioned that we were on a tight schedule." He says sadly. I nod quickly at the clerk. Who is still shocked to find that the "runaway" is actually in the company of someone else.


"You see, we were on our way to my brother and sister-in-law's funeral, and we only got the notice a few hours ago. It's tomorrow." He says sympathetically. I wipe a fake tear from my eye and sniffle a little. I feel his hand on my shoulder and a little squeeze.


"W-well, I can check again to see if there are any earlier busses. Y-you know, the schedule is always ch-changing," she stutters. Checking the schedule (a lot faster this time) she manages to get us two seats on a bus headed to Philly leaving in fifteen minutes. After we pay for the tickets, say a quick thank you, and receive the obligatory "sorry for your loss", we walk away without speaking to one another. When we are out if sight and earshot, I spin to face him, only he isn't there. Looking around, I find that he is nowhere in sight. Thankfully I have both of the tickets, so I don't think he will be following me any time soon.


A few minutes later the announcer calls for the bus to Philly that will now start boarding. I quickly make my way to the bus when I brush past someone. I shiver again. Glancing behind myself in see a streak if black and I start to feel dizzy again. I make my way onto the bus as fast as I can. Once I'm on the bus I put my head in my hands to clear the fog. I look around on the bus and notice that everyone is looking completely normal. I'm not drunk or anything, so how do these people not notice that they look like they are moving through sludge or that the world seems to be tipping over? I shake my head again and look out the window. Lo and behold, under the nearest lamppost is the Man in Black. A sharp pain in my head starts to ring all sorts of bells throughout my body. I take in a sharp gasp and look out the window. He's gone.


"What are you?" I say to myself. I feel someone sit in the seat next to me. I am prepared to give the don't-you-even-think-of-it glare, when I notice it's the man who helped me get the ticket for the bus. He glances over and smiles.


"And who are you?" I ask him. He looks at me funny for a moment before he erupts into a series of guffaws. I look at him with a raised eyebrow. His laughing stops as suddenly as they started.


"Oh. You're serious. Well I'm certainly not Alice if that's what you mean. I'm the Doctor" he sticks his hand out for me to shake.I look at it for a moment before deciding what the hell and shake it. He smiles as if we know each other, which creeps me out yet fascinates me at the same time.


"Alrighty then. Nice to meet you Doctor..." I say.


"Doctor. Just the Doctor" he says with a wide smile. Okay. Because when someone says their name is just Doctor, it's perfectly normal. Whatever.


"Hungry? I have some pita chips and hummus" he says shaking a bag that just seemed to come out of thin air. I shake my head.


"No thanks. I'm allergic to hummus" I say as my stomach growls. Ugh. I look back at him only to see him looking at me so sad. He mumbles something that I can't hear.


"huh?" I ask confused.


"Oh it's nothing. Learn something new everyday, right?" He says gaining back his impish grin. I don't know why but seeing him sad makes me sad, and seeing him grin makes me want to. I shake my head and check myself before I go all creepy on him.


"Listen, thanks for helping me out back there. I'm pretty sure that lady wouldn't have ever given me that ticket. I mean I don't know why you did it or whether or not you had some sort of ulterior motive, but thanks. And what's with the accent? You didn't have one fifteen minutes ago." I say as I look out the window again. The bus has started to move and the lights from the buildings and other cars have started to flash by the window.


"Nice isn't it? It's one of the things I have always loved about transportation at night. And with windows." He says.


"Yeah" I say as we stop at a red light. A sudden pain slices through my head, making me cry out. I look out the window to see that he is there again. In the middle of the street. A car passes in front of us, headed in his direction, but before it even gets to him, he evaporates. The Doctor looks from me to the window, while fiddling with what looks like a pocket watch. I start to shake because I know I am about to tell this man everything, and I don't know why, but I trust him somehow.


"Sir, Doctor, whatever your name is, you saw that didn't you? That man who evaporated into thin air." I ask. He looks back at me, squinting in concentration.


"Listen, I know this sounds crazy, but I have been seeing that man all night, and the only other time I've ever seen him was when I was like four. And it's like, every time I see him, my head hurts and I'm dizzy and it looks like everything is running in slow motion. God I have no idea what to do. But you can help me right? I mean you are a doctor. Right?" I say as fast as I can. Then I remember something.


"And how do you know my name?" I ask. He turns to me with an almost regretful face.


" I know you aren't crazy. I know what is happening to you. I swear to you that I will help you. I am the Doctor," he says with a sad smile. My chest tightens as he says this and I don't know why. It was almost like it was because I could trust him, like I actually knew him, but I forgot who he was completely. And it hurt so much.


The realization dawns on me. I gulp and look at him, shaking.


"D-Doctor," I stammer. He looks over at me and stops fiddling with the pocket watch. He knows what I am about to say.


"Doctor, I'm sorry but... You know my name. You speak to me as if we have known each other for a long time, even though we just met. One second you sound like an American, and the next you have a British accent. You helped me run away from home. You see those...things when no one else can. I look at you and all I feel is pain in my chest and I just want to cry, but at the same time I feel so happy and relieved. I feel like I'm missing this huge piece of the puzzle and it's because it was...stolen somehow."

Doctor, do you know me? The question is ringing in my mind, but I can't bring myself to ask it. He is looking at me incredulously as if waiting for me to ask. Quickly I just shrug and laugh.


"Oh never mind! I'm just kidding anyway. There's no way any of that could be possible, right? Anyhow, Doctor, where did you say you were from?" I say in a desperate attempt to change the subject. He just looks at me, with a very serious look.


"What? Do I have something on my face? You know mister, you've been lookin at me an awful lot tonight. Just cuz you helped me get this ticket doesn't mean I owe you. This was all you. Now I really want to know who you are and why you helped me and how you know my name when I have never seen you in my life. Who are you, Doctor?" At this point my voice has risen a little out of fear and anxiety.


"Trust me, if I told you everything right here right now, it will not end well. I promise I will tell you everything, just let us get to Philadelphia first. That is where my real transportation is" he says. I trust him completely even if every fiber of my body says no.


"How do I know I can trust you? How do I know you aren't trying to kill me?" I ask anyway. The Doctor looks me in the eyes, never breaking away as he speaks.


"You know deep in your mind and heart that you can trust me. You know that for some reason you left your home on this night for a reason and it wasn't because of the fighting. You knew deep in your very being that we were to meet tonight. There is no way you could've just randomly picked Philadelphia to go to either. It's just not possible. Of all places, you picked Philly. And no one easily slips into character the way you did at the ticket window. You know you can trust me," he says. I feel tears well into my eyes and spill over.


"What about those things? Can you at least tell me why only we can see them and it hurts just looking at them?" I say desperately.


"That is for the TARDIS." He says then grimaces, like he let something slip. A sudden flash of blue slips into my mind. It's almost as if it were a memory.


"TARDIS... blue..." I whisper. A flash of fear covers his face for a moment. He shakes his head and turns away fiddling with the pocket watch again.


"No... It's too early. She needs to get back to the TARDIS before she fully remembers." He mumbles. I suddenly become angry at all this mystery.


"What are you talking about?" I ask him. He only shakes his head and keeps fiddling with the watch. That watch is really starting to annoy me.


"Hey" I say, grabbing the watch out of his hand. He immediately makes a grab for it but I place it out of the way just in time. I grab his shirt and pull him until our faces are mere inches apart.


"Now you listen Doctor, I am sick and tired, literally, of these headaches and seeing this...thing everywhere, I just ran away from home, and now some random person knows way too much about me and won't tell me how they know all of this." I growl. His breath catches and his eyes well with tears. I quickly let go of his shirt and pull back, still holding the watch.


"What? Why are you crying? Shouldn't I be the one crying?" I ask frantically. He lifts his hand and gently touches my cheek, making me flinch. It feels so familiar and warm, yet why do I feel like this hand has so much history of sadness?


"Who are you?" I whisper. His hand drops and takes the watch from my hand that has suddenly gone slack. He looks at me as he puts the watch back into his breast pocket right next to his heart.


We spend the rest of the ride in silence, not even looking at each other. Well, I look at him from time to time through the reflection of the window. It had begun to rain, so his image eventually became blurry.


The whole time I am only thinking about one thing. I will find out who that man is and how he is tied to my emotions so tightly.

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