From Within the Darkness

A child raised in the dark is brought into the light will they stay or go back to the shadows


1. Pitch Beginings

"It's finally initiation day, I can join the guild and get away from the second rate hunters that had been charged with training is for the last twelve years, but now at 16 I have the chance to become a hunter and go out on hunts with others and with my skills I'll be able to go straight to a high ranking." I thought to my self as I got dressed in my most bad ass looking clothes my closet had to offer which consisted of black combat boots which had built in compartments where two silver double edged knives I had received for getting the highest score on an exam, in addition to this I wore fitted black leather pants, a black tank top and to add to the look a black leather jacket. After my clothes were sorted I added the weapons a gun strapped to my right thigh and two black iron swords in a chest harness crisscrossing along my back. Lastly I brushed my shoulder length red streaked black hair making sure it looked as impressive as my clothes, after making sure I hadn't forgotten any thing I headed for the arena where the initiation tests would take place. The initiation test was more like an elimination process to weed out the weak recruits who would then be severely punished for failure was not accepted among hunters. Her class would begin with 20 people and after 10 different tests, it would be down to the best 10 who will fight each other in 1 on 1 battles till only five remain. From these five an experienced hunter will choose the three they believe are worthy and these three will join the hunters guild and hunt down the demons that have taken up residence it the human dimension.

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