False Reality

What if everything you thought to be true was true? What if you could eliminate everything you hated? What if all it took to change reality was a simple thought?


4. Jack's P.O.V.

I stepped out of my small abode and inhaled the salty air. GRRR, someone must've had another dream about the sea, I thought.

"Davvy!" I called to my neighbor. "Did you have another sea dream?"

Davvy walked out of his hut. He took a breath, held up a finger, as if to say, No, actually, but instead, he answered,"Umm...yep. This one had a mermaid. THAT should be interesting!" Davvy said, smiling lustfully and walking into the forest, which had a huge striped lighthouse sticking out the top of it. 

That idiot, I thought. He has the weirdest dreams. Sometimes I even wonder why the hex of the Terrarium even accepts his dreams... Last week was an alien, yesterday, it was that he made out with a ladybug, today it's a mermaid. What's next?

I tried to think of my dream that I'd had last night, but couldn't seem to drag it out of my mind.

The Terrarium was the strangest place. Whatever you dreamed the night before would always come true, or, at least, if you could remember the dream, it'd come true. The Terrarium was a place where you could literally dream something and do it. 

I breathed the salty air again. "Rylee, it's safe to come out!"

"Whose dream was this?" Rylee asked, stepping out and scrunching her nose up. "Davvy?"

I sighed. "Yep, you got it."

Rylee adopted a worried look.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Rylee sighed again. "I have a bad feeling that something...that something....that my question...will be answered very soon."

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