Internship abroad

Joane is an english students who gets the chance to go to school to Australia. Litlle did she know she was going to share an appartement with the 4 popular boys of the school.


1. Play your own game

Joane's p.o.v.:

​"An internship in Sydney, the capital of Australia. That is something new this school year. It's not just an internship, but you will have courses as well. The selected students will leave Saturday and will stay there till the end of the school year." I smiled at my friend Sarah. That must be so cool! "You can sign up during the lunch break." The bell rung, end of class. Sarah and I walked to our lockers where we met Brad and Arthur. "They informed you as well about the internship in Australia?" Asked Brand and he kissed me. Obviously, he's my boyfriend. He has this beautiful, brown curls and green eyes. "Yes, I'm definetely going to sign up for that!" Sarah said. "Yeah, me too. That's a chance we'll never get again." replied Arthur. "I know, right. And then I'm finally out of here. Or at least for a year." I said. Without saying a word, Brad suddenly left. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked Arthur and Sarah. "No idea. Don't think about it too much." Sarah answered  and I nodded. Although I really want to know what's wrong. We've been dating for a year now. We can solve a stupid fight, right? I take my phone to call him, but Arthur stopped me. "Let him coll off a bit. You better try to call Brad tonight." Ofcourse he's right. The day passed by and Brad still ignored me, even when I called him. ​Wanna come? Bring your friends as well. ​Dylan send me a text. He's a friend of me but he's on another high school. You could say Dylan is quiet popular. His way to 'celebrate' the new school year is to throw a party. ​Sure. ​I send him back. I asked Sarah and Arthur to come to my place first. Yet, I didn't invite Brad. If it's a game to him, then I'll chose the rules. I opened the door when the doorbell rang. "Ready?" Asked Sarah with a smile on her face. The blue dress suited her eyes perfectly. Arthur wore a black jeans and a purple shirt. "No, I can't decide what to wear." I whined; desperate for help. "Okay, show me your closet." Sarah commanded so I lead my friends to my room. As soon as I opened the closet, Sarah chose the dress already. It was a simple dress, short, but not too short andred. Arthur and Sarah left the room so I could change. In the large mirror in my room, i saw how beautiful the dress suited me. It's the first time I wear it, really. "Oh my god, you are so beautiful!" exclaimed Sarah. "Please, let me do you haire and make-up?" Sarah practically begged so I gave in. ​Author's message: Finally another fanfic! I won't be updating alot though, but I thought you might like this one. Let me know if you do (or don't) ;-)  
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