One, Two, Three, Four

This is my slam poem that I have to write for school. Since there happens to be a poetry contest going on, I thought that I might as well enter it. Let me know if there are any mistakes.


1. One, Two, Three, Four


One, two, three, four,

horses pull the mail carriage.

They move mindlessly like mice

in the science lab

that have never seen the sunlight.

They wear blinkers

so that they can only see ahead

like a smaller field of vision will solve anything.

And then

the unthinkable.

Diversity is trippin’

and getting walked all over

dragging down confidence, creativity and originality

right along with it.

What was once a perfect team…

Wrecked. Destroyed. Broken. Shattered. Gone.

But that’s not what I’m here to say.



One, two, three, four,

kingdoms in a parallel world.

No one is better than any other,

but some have more appeal.

They used to have alliances,

but then darkness spread

across the land like a blanket

smothering the fragile world.

Mistrust is a wildfire here,

breaking all bonds and agreements.

They want to drive a wedge between us.

When united, we prevail.

There is no victory without first having teamwork.

Four kingdoms in this world.

One for each

The Fae, The Fair, The Nightwalkers and The Woodsmen.

Alliances are strained here,

but they are still gained here.



The Fae and The Woodsmen repel each other,

proving that opposites

don’t always attract.

The Fae need order if they want to function right,

unlike The Nightwalkers

they just party all through the night

and crash, hit rock bottom, in the sun.

They get excited

at the drop of a hat.

The Woodsmen are a chaotic folk,

anything goes in the forest.

Their lack of order

and rationality

drive The Fae mad.

And in the opposite sequence,

The Woodsmen can’t stand

The Fae’s obsession with perfection.

It confuses them in the most confusing way.

The Fair and the Nightwalkers are easier to contrast.

They are the beasts of the night

when The Fair are creatures of the day.

But if they can’t all work together,

they’ll never win this war.



One, two, three, four,

worlds in the Earth’s domain.

A Shadow Land, a Promise Land, an Ocean Land, a Human Land.

Three of them used to work in harmony,

but only three

because humans like you

will always be kept in the dark.

They lost touch with the Ocean Land,

so all agreements are off.

The Shadow Land has a broken king

and a slew of dead dynasties.

He killed them all to take control.

Now he wants to conquer all the worlds.

The Promise Land has four kingdoms

the ones that are conflicted.

They don’t know what to believe.

The Ocean Land is forgotten,

but it was a land full of water

and great, blue waves that-

That’s funny, I can’t seem to remember…

The Human Land is looked down upon by everyone superior.

Nobody wants to be rated ordinary.

Now we’ve got the Shadows invading our land,

but we can cooperate to steal the upper hand.



My arms are locked by my sides.

I find myself paralyzed.

I move my lips, but I make no sound.

I cannot move, cannot talk, cannot feel.

They’ve stolen me.

It’s what the Shadows do;

twisting minds and snuffing out lives.

Sister turns on brother.

Mother turns on father.

Long time friends slay each other.

“Flay the flesh when the corpse is still fresh,”

their king commands.

He rips apart all unity.

Destroys the towns. Burns the crops. Breaks all alliances. Only leaves ghosts in his wake.

He killed his own niece for power.

What will he do to this world?



One, two, three, four,

Royals in the group.

The four that scored the first time,

can save us again by uniting

not just themselves, but all of us too.

They did it in the past.

They can do it again.

There’s the sweet lemon,

she’s one of the four.

The most compassionate perfection,

and so much more.

One of them is intelligent,

she’s much brighter than the rest.

When it comes to battle strategies,

she’s the chance that’s your best.

Save the forgotten prince,

he is nearly at death’s door.

But once he is back in good health,

the prince will lead the four.

The last is a lost cause,

they already have his mind.

No matter how much his beloved sister pleads,

he’s still too hard to find.



Maybe we can save this world,

if we could just unite.

I’m counting on The Royals

to do what they did in the past,

but please, this time,

make it last.

I know we had that time dilation

that, to be frank, screwed up this nation,

but I know that we can fix it

if we all work together.

This is the call to all to stand up,

unite with your neighbors,

and save this world.

We may be divided into four different kingdoms,

but we only have one world.

It has to be kept from the Shadow’s grasp.



One, two, three, four,

horses pulled the carriage

to deliver the royal mail to London.

They kept a brisk, equal pace,

never missing a beat,

until the white one stumbled

and fell down.

Before long, the other three fell too.

We are a line of dominos.

We use no teamwork.

The lightest touch, and down we fall,

manipulated by the darkness.

We can only fall down,

taking each other out as we go.

That’s not the way to win.

Our little army

of fallen dominos

really needs to grow some arms.

Maybe four each,

so that they can break their fall

and save each other.



One, two three, four,

counting with you is such a bore.

Let me out; open the door.

One, two, three, four.

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