Live to Inspire

a meaningful poem


1. Live To Inspire

You think people secretly hate you.

You think the horrible words they say to you are true.

You feel like you're the only one that's sad all the time.

You feel that talking about your troubles is a crime.

You feel that everything you do you always fail.

And that your life depends on the scale.

But you're wrong.

Your demons are just too strong.

All they want to do is make you agree.

But don't you want to be free?

Don't you want to win?

Life isn't fun when your main goal is to be thin.

Don't let those mean words they say to you go within'.

Because all that they do is make you slice your skin.

You're beautiful and amazing,

And each time you win, you're raising.

Show the others out there who are like you,

That they will get through!

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