Two Little Eye

A Poem about a Mother with eight eyes, and three daughters. The first with one eye, the second with three, and the third with two. (Based on the Grimm Brother's Fairytale, One little eye, Two little eye, and Three little eye)


1. Two Little Eye

The youngest child born of three,

to you and me quite ordinary.

Two eyes looked out of her little thin face,

a hidden beauty none could replace.


Her Mother gave her little food,

since her eight eyes were highly viewed.

The girl's one friend a little goat,

had on his back a spotted coat.


She loved him well and took him in,

the love she craved from her own kin.

Her kindness blessed with a granted wish,

a fairy appeared and gave her wand a swish.


The spotted goat now had great skill,

with the clap of her hand he'd be a feast at will.

Two eye ate to her heart's delight,

then clapped her hand and the goat appeared without a bite. 


Mother noticed Two eye's happy smile,

and sent the oldest up the grass hill a mile.

Two eye sang her to sleep and had a feast.

When one eye awoke her confusion had only increased ,


The Mother annoyed sent the second awhile,

But she too slept on in much the same style.

Or so Two eye thought since the three eyes were closed,

while two slept on the third one was posed.


Her secret exposed the Mother attacked,

killing the goat to make Two eye react.

But on the morning that all eyes awoke,

They realized the goat had not been a joke.


Over his body had grown a great tree,

with golden apples for all to see.


A Prince riding by requested the fruit,

the prize was to marry and join on his route.

The other three tried but all in vain,

only Two eye could do it without any strain.


The fruit was picked and the tree became goat,

Happy and living from his feet to his coat.

Then Two eye and goat both went with the Prince,

and neither have returned to that horrid place since. 


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