New Song


1. His song


I thought you were different 

From the rest

 I hoped you were different 

From all the others

Why was it so easy 

To break my heat like the rest 

I wish you were different 

I wish you were happy 

I wish you held your head high 

You were so perfect till the ending 

What happened to your story 

To make it so dark

I still am in love with 

Are you still in love with me 

Why is it over why is there pain 

Your with her 

I’m with him 

But we were the perfect ones 

I thought you were different 

I thought i was in love 

I thought you were the one 

Nothing ever last

Dreams die love fades  

Along with hope 

Why did you have to go 

wWhy did you fix my heart 

Just to break it 

I guess your my weakness 

Love comes at a prices 

I guess mine was heartbreak 

You were everything to me 

The line between the pages 

The note to song 

I wish we didn't go through this 

I wish we had more time 

Maybe then you would have seen 

That you will always be mine 

What ever happened to forever 

What ever happened to ill always be there 

Now your with her 

Why is she so much better 

Does she love you more then me 

Does she even make you happy 

Does she give you more space

I love you 

But love is weakness 

So I guess your my weakness

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