Dark Days of Quietly Waiting

Background: This story is about a young girl named Cassandra Reed (Cassie for short). She sees the world differently from everyone else: black, white, dark, and scary. But most importantly Cassandra doesn't believe in happy endings. Soon she meets a guy that changes her view of the world forever.

(I don't know how long this story is going to be but I hope you enjoy!)


1. Dark Days

 Most people believe the world is a beautiful place with lots of colors and life. And people always say that there are happy endings and fairy tales. Now the truth is, everyone is dark and everything is dark. People don't seem to comprehend that. Now I don't get how people can smile in dire situations. In any case smiling is a waste of time. Whether you smile or not nothing is going to change. And smiling is just lying to yourself.

This is one of the reasons why I just do nothing and wait for the day of my death. I don't believe that people really have a reason for being here since in the end everyone dies anyway. People live, only truly, to die in the end. 

"Cassandra! I thought that I told you it was time to go to school! Your sisters are already ready to go!" That was my foster mother, the evil witch calling. She always had I horrible screechy voice. I quickly grabbed my school bag and my journal before I slowly made my way down the stairs to the front door. People always say that everything is colorful but, in my eyes I see basically black and white. It's not like I am colorblind or anything, I just don't believe that the world has any color. 

After finally making my way outside I noticed that my foster family left without me. Looks like I'm walking today. Once I closed the door, I started walking towards the school while thunder started to roar in the sky above me. 

For me, I was a sick child when I was young. Because of this I was in and out of hospitals until I turned 9. Within this time period, my father died from a car accident and my mother killed herself from insanity after that. Of course I was too young to really understand anything when my dad died but on the other hand, I understood everything when my mom died. Everyone always use to tell me that my parents loved me; I knew and still know that that is a lie. Once my parents died no one wanted to take me in because of what happened to me and since I was sick. Not even my own grandparents or any orphanages. So I ended up staying with a neighbor that hated me too. 

When I finally turned 16 a foster family picked me up at one of the orphanages that finally let me stay with them. Since then I have been stuck with this family and just like everyone else they hate me too.

I was always neglected and no one hardly even noticed that I was there. By now, I am used to being treated like this. Even after I got adopted by my foster family, the Reeds, nothing changed. To be truthful I don't even know why they adopted me. All they care about are their two daughters, Addison and Amery.

I am always stuck in the deepest part of the darkness in the world. And some of this is because of the way I am treated by others. Every day to me is a dark one. Dark days. Dark days are when you are stuck in the dark and no matter what you do, you can't get out. 

As I kept walking it started to down pour. I didn't mind the rain. All it did was remind me of my past but, everything does that. Plus the rain makes me feel more at peace. Like it may actually be the only good thing about this cruel world. It kept down pouring. Each raindrop making a plopping noise on the black concrete of the road. When I glanced around the street as I walked all I could see was white and black houses with clear white drops landing on them. Everything else was just black, pure black. 




As a walked through the hallway towards my next class I passed by the new transfer student. He was normal except for the fact that within 24 hours he became the most popular student in the school. As far as I could tell he was great at anything he did including classes and sports. Plus all the girls that he was the most handsomest guy in school. I view him as just another person that will eventually die like me. 

He stared at me while I passed like I was the most interesting thing he has seen. In a response I just put up my hood on my hoodie like I always did and continued walking. Even after I was almost at the end of the hall I could still feel his burning stare on my back. 






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