Once Is Never Enough

Never Enough is an all girl rock band who wins the chance to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Four members of the band hit the road. The band is composed of lead singer Ever, lead guitar Vivian, bass guitar Felicity, and drummer Jada. Felicity's older sister Nathalia is sent to watch over them all, but soon the girls need her more then just a babysitter. Can Felicity stay out of trouble? Drama is spilling between each band as the members fall for each other. Soon, fame comes for Never Enough, but with fame comes problems they weren't ready to face. Can Never Enough stand in the world of fame or will they fall apart?


9. Chapter 8 - Natty - Surprise

“Tomorrow night!” my sister said.

I felt like I couldn't breath. Maybe I wasn't breathing. I thought I had at least two weeks. Everyone was talking and freaking out. My hands felt numb, and I couldn't understand what anyone was saying.

“Let's all breathe, go take ten then we’ll meet back here,” someone yelled.

“Natty?” my sister voice enter my empty head.

“Hum?” I asked. I tried to make my eyes small but they were stuck fully widened with fear.

“Ya’ okay?” I could feel everyone watching.

“Yea’, peachy.” I looked down at my hands. They were shaking.

“Nathalia?” It was Ashton.

“Hum?” I said.

“Are ya’ sure you're okay?” he asked.

“Yea’, peachy,” I said, looking back at my hands.

Swallowing, I said, “I just need a moment.”

“Come on, let's give her a moment,” my sister said.

Looking up, I saw that Viv and Ever looked as if they didn't want to leave me, but my sister pulled them out with the guys following them.

I was thinking I needed the quiet, but I was wrong. That made it harder. I couldn't move; I was fully in shock.

“Nat?” Looking to the right, I was surprised to see Ashton there.

Reaching over, he took my hands in his.

“Play for me. Please?” He let go of my hands, stepping behind me where I couldn't see him. My heart raced. My hands shook. But slowly lifting my hand, I tapped lightly on the drum, so soft you could hardly hear the music.

Closing my eyes, I let the music take me away slowly, getting louder and louder. Once I finished, the song I opened my eyes to see Ashton standing in front of me, a huge goofy smile upon his face.

I couldn't help but smile. Other than my music teacher, only the band had heard me play.

My hands we still shaking, and my heart raced, but I didn't pass out, so that was a plus. Before I knew what I was doing, I had my arms tossed around his neck. To my surprised, in a flash he wrapped his arms around me. Now, my heart was reaching for a whole different reason.

Slightly pulling back, we locked eyes. Then I felt sick for whole different reason. An altogether different kind of nerves.

Someone cleared their throat, causing Ashton and I to jump apart. It was Michael. Blush filled my checks. Giggles came from Ever and Viv as my sister lifted her eyebrows at me, smiling.

“Let's go practice, guys,” Ashton said, walking towards them. Before he left, he looked back over at me. He smiled at me as he walked out of the room

“Oh, my…-”

“We should practice too!” I said, cutting Viv off.

“You're not getting off that easy, not this time!” my sister said.

“Sissy… It was just a hug.”

“Sure...!” Ever said. That all stood around me.

“Listen, I played a song for him…”

“Like, he was in the room?” Sissy asked.

“No, he was on Mars,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Yes, he was in the room! And then I kinda just hugged him.”

“You hugged him?” Ever asked.

“Well, he didn't seem to mind!” Viv said.

They were all smiling at me.

“Guys. Stop smiling it was just a hug.”

“If it was then why are you still blushing?” My sister had to point everything out.

“Because you guys are making it out to be…”

“Oh, like we didn't see the smile he sent you.” Viv pointed out.

“Okay, you know what? I should have asked you.” I looked at Ever. "About Luke.” I then looked at Viv. “And you about Calum. Yeah, I found his shirt in your things.” I then looked at my sister. “And you…”

“Let's get practicing. We don't have much time," she changed the subject.

“What songs are we covering?”

“Wild Things by Alessia Cara!” I said.

They all looked at me, surprised.

“What? If I have to be scared to death, we are at least playing that song.”

“Agree?” Sissy asked. Ever and Viv nodded.


Evening fell by the time we finally had our set list. We were singing Wild Things when the guys came in with food. I missed a few beats, but once my eyes locked with Ashton he gave me a you-can-do-this look. I then looked at my sister, who had the same look.

I took a deep breath and picked up where I had left off. Before I knew it I was lost in the song.

The song ended and the guys clapped and cheered.

Running my hands through my hair, I looked up and saw that Ashton and my sister were both standing there.

“You got this,” she said, smiling.

“Yea’, she sure does!” Ashton said.

Smiling, I looked at my hands and drumsticks. They weren't shaking as much.

We played two more songs for the guys, ate, then headed off to bed.

Hour later, I slipped out of bed, closing the door. I spun around, and looked at the ground as I did.

I almost screamed. Ashton was sitting there.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Seeing if you're heading nowhere tonight,” he said, getting up.

I couldn't help but smile.

“Well, you're in luck. I am.”

We smiles. We started walking.

“What if I wasn't?” I asked.

“I had a fifty percent chance you were. I liked my odds.”

“Those aren't promising odds,” I said.

“It was worth the wait.” I turned to look at him. He was watching me.

“Ashton?” I said, and I stopped walking.

He did too. “Yea’?”

“Thank you.”

And there I was hugging him again. In a blink of an eye, his arms were around me. We pulled apart.

“Sorry for that.”


“Randomly hugging you.”

“I don't mind...at all.” This caused me to smile bigger, and so did he.

Blushing, I led the way to that night's nowhere.


(Written By KayCee K.)

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