Once Is Never Enough

Never Enough is an all girl rock band who wins the chance to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Four members of the band hit the road. The band is composed of lead singer Ever, lead guitar Vivian, bass guitar Felicity, and drummer Jada. Felicity's older sister Nathalia is sent to watch over them all, but soon the girls need her more then just a babysitter. Can Felicity stay out of trouble? Drama is spilling between each band as the members fall for each other. Soon, fame comes for Never Enough, but with fame comes problems they weren't ready to face. Can Never Enough stand in the world of fame or will they fall apart?


17. Chapter 15 - Natty - Whoever You Are…I Like You

I was sitting by myself. Sissy just blew up at everyone. Is she right, am I different? But maybe I just don’t know who I am without school. This has always been the girl's world. I was backstage, hideaway, school girl. So, maybe this is me, but this isn’t my world.

“You okay?” A voice startled me. It was Ashton.

I just looked up at him. He sat next to me.

“We made up, but I don’t know.”


“This world is new, and I’m nerdy schoolgirl who plays drums in her parents' basement and never in front of anyone. I don’t know if I know who I am here anymore… She should know this; this is new to me. I… I…”

“Whoever you are…” Ashton said, “I like you. School nerd or bada** drummer…” I smiled. “I’m definitely not the same person I was from my first tour to now. People change, it’s part of life. Just let her know you still got her back. That’s all that matters, who’s there for you.”

“You're quite wise, Ash.”

A huge gust of wind blew my hair into my face, and, running my hand across it, I pulled most of my hair back.

Ashton reached up and brushed some back that I missed. His hand lingered longer than needed to.

Looking down, I said, “I think I’ll go let her know I have her back.” Then, looking up, I added, “Thanks Ashton.”

Before he could say anything I got up and walked off.

I found Sissy in our room.

“Can we talk?” I asked.

“I’m listening.”

“I know we’re not fighting anymore, so don’t take this the wrong way. Just listen.”


“Simply put, I don’t know who I am. This is new to me. My life was always school and playing drums just in the basement with just you and the girls. You're the one who grew up playing shows, backstage life, parties, guys. I just don’t know who I am. All I know is that I love you and the girls. And there’s a really cute guy…”

She started giggling. I stared.

“What are you-?”

She was full on laughing at me!

“Sis! Stop, I’m trying to talk with you, God can’t you take-

She pointed behind me. Surprised, I turned around and found the other girls and all four guys, even Ashton, standing there. 

I’m glad I didn’t finish my thought.

I turned back to my sister, who was still full on laughing. The other girls joined her.

I was blushing, a light burning filling my face. I picked up a pillow, whacking my sister with it. She smiled. A huge pillow fight broke out, everyone joining in. Turning and smacking into Ashton, I grinned as he winked at me.


Someone snuck up behind and kept smacking me. Laughing, I turned around and pop! I was hit again with a pillow. 


(Written by KayCee K.)

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