Wings: Fallen Into Darkness

I didn't do it! I'm not crazy! They're real! Or am I? Am I a psycho? Was they're deaths really the cause of my hands?
No! I know what I saw! The darkness... It consumes us all. That's was until I was sent to an inform school called Sword & Cross and meet some very interesting people....


1. Prologue

" Get out of the way!" I grabbed her by the hair and slammed her small body into the ground.

Slowly, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and all you could see was milky white. The color drained from her face leaving her white as a ghost. Her hair was laying perfectly around her head as it was drenched in crimson red blood.

" No!" Amelia screamed as she cradled the young girl's body soaking her clothes.

My anger seemed to fade away with the demon inside. 

My knees buckled and collapsed as he practically heard his daughter's pulse stop.

" She's... She's dead..."  I sobbed.

" I'll kill you!" Amelia attacked me.

One hit after another, she let all her rage out over the years we've been together.

" I don't care who or what you are!" I took the beating knowing I deserved it," you have no right over us mortals! You bastard! You killed your only daughter!"

I kept my eyes on my precious girl, not one ounce of blood or bruise appearing. No pain was caused as Amelia's fists collided with my face. The pain was instead in my heart.

That's when a single feather fell on the ground......

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