Fly Away


10. The Secrets

 When I woke up,  I was in a tent. I was covered up by a blanket and there was a glass of water next to me. I jumped up and screamed. The boy rushed in.

"Finally, you're awake." He growled.

"For the love of shit, dude!" I shouted.


"I thought I was in custody." I sighed.

"Yes, because the cops would totally give you a glass of water and a fluffy blanket." He smirked.

"Why am I here?"

"If people find you sleeping in the woods, then they're gonna try to find where you came from." He sighed.

"So... you saved me... to save you?"

"Damn, how stupid are you?" He sighed angrily.

A long silence passed until he finally broke the ice.

"I'm going to cook lunch. I hope you like rabbit." He smirked and left the tent. I followed him quietly  and I heard him talking to the girl from earlier.

"Jacob, you can't hide this from him forever. He's going to find out." She whispered.

"Even if I did tell him, Stacy, it wouldn't benefit either of us. It would make this shit more complicated."

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