The Naughty Tales

My first Daredevil fic .No beta so all mistakes are mine.ENjoy!


1. Making Office Love

The Naughty Tales

Hurrying into the office, Karen removed her coat and placed it on the coat rack. Moving to her desk, she set up her laptop and moved to the kitchenette area to start the coffee. Bending over to grab a new package of filters she could feel the silk lining of her skirt on her skin. Smiling to herself she was lost in her thoughts and didn't hear Matt come in.

"Karen, you ok?" Matt asked from the doorway.

"Shit. You scared me." She placed her hand on her chest trying to stop her heart from pounding.

Matt gave her a smile. "Sorry"

"It's ok. I'll forgive you. This time." She stood up and placed her hand on his arm. "Good morning Mr. Murdock."

"Oh it's Mr. Murdock this morning? Why couldn't it have been Mr. Murdock last night?" Matt teased.

"I remember not having much energy to say any name."

"Ah yes. But there was moaning. Lots of moaning. I like the moaning. Especially when I'm the reason for it." Matt pulled her to him. He touched her face. He could never get enough of touching her face.

Karen kissed his palm as it moved its way over her cheek.

Their relationship was new and still in the figuring out phase. But it was also in the "can't get enough of you" phase. If they were alone at the office they were touching. If they were alone at Matt's apartment they were naked and touching. One too many times of being carried away and not hearing the door, Foggy had started knocking before coming in.

"Go on. I'll bring you some coffee when it's finished."

"Yes ma'am." He answered. With one last smile he made his way to his office.

Once there he couldn't get over the feeling that something was different with Karen. The sound she made as she raised up was off. Something was missing about it.

Sitting down at his desk he began to listen to his emails. A few minutes later Karen sat his coffee down and came to stand beside him. Her hand found its way to the back of his neck where she began to massage.

"Hmmmm". Matt leaned back into her hand. "That feels nice."

"Well you aren't the only one who likes to touch". She increased the pressure and then stopped. As she moved Matt again got the feeling something was different. Something missing.

Taking his arm and pulling her closer, Matt's hand found its way to the hem of her skirt. Running his finger along the line of where it met her skin, he toyed there for a while. Then his hand slowly made its way under her skirt and up her leg. He reached the area where her stockings stopped and hooked into the garters. Smiling he played there for a few seconds then began his trek north again. Around her leg and up her ass. Her naked ass.

His hand stopped suddenly when he realized what was causing the missing feeling he'd been having.

"You aren't wearing panties."

To be continued...

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