Half Breeds

HI! So this is part of a story that I am writing with my friends and I would like your opinions! If you guys like it I will add the other chapters that we have if it is okay with my friends! XD "So we'll be updating it every Friday/Thursday it all depends!" Gallagher_Girl


1. Chapter 1




    My eyes flashed open with a jerk to see the wooded ceiling of my log cabin. When will these nightmares stop? I’ve been living in Tokyo for a week now and of course I haven’t gotten used to it here. After sitting in my bed staring at the ceiling for the longest time, I glanced over at my clock. It read 7:02 a.m. Seeing what time it was, I decided to finally start my day. Once I slowly crawled out of my bed, I looked over at my closet. I want to stay in my pajamas.

When found my way into my living room I turned on my flat screen TV and went to find some food in my kitchen. I decided on something simple and easy to make: leftovers in my refrigerator. After warming the leftovers up I walked back into my living room and sat down on my couch. For a moment I just sat there and watched TV until I looked down at my unappetizing breakfast. It consisted of microwavable rice and chicken chunks. Food is food, no matter how disgusting it may be.

    When I finished gobbling down my not so delicious breakfast I headed to my bathroom. My thick, white, long hair was getting in my way again so it was time to brush it. I arrived at the bathroom and peered into the wood outlined mirror that was hanging above the sink. In the mirror there was a pale-skinned, white-haired girl with aqua eyes; she had really messed up hair. I grabbed my brush and started to make my way through the tangled mess white strands.

    While brushing my hair I started to think about my current life and problems. I am what is known as half breed. Basically a half breed is usually a mix between two mythical creatures, like a werewolf, and a human. I happen to be a mix between a wolf, a nine-tailed fox, and of course a human. There are a decent amount of half breeds in the human world but we don’t normally live near each other unless we live in a pack together. However I am different than I normal half breed. Unlike others, I have… powers. I can, as you could say, control the way the wind moves and I can obtain information from listening to the wavelengths of the wind. Of course there is more too. I can sometimes even, look into another person's mind or even their memories. I do not know how exactly I am able to do this but this however zaps at my natural energy in my body and I get really tired afterwards. A half breeds main form is their wolf and that is the only form that they can usually turn into, however I can turn into my other form; the nine-tailed fox. Then I have my pendant, it is a silver feather to represent the wind. It is always near me because if it isn't my powers can sometimes overwhelm me. Which in any case would cause me to get a super high fever and I would eventually die from the fever. Of course if I get my pendant back on me I’ll survive. I use to live in a pack just a couple of months ago but since I was different they turned on me and I ran away. I’ve never met another half breed like me… because of that I guess that I am afraid that I am the only one… that I’m…  all alone.

    After I brushed my hair free of tangles I stopped thinking of the situation that I was in. I walked back into my room and put on my collar necklace. After getting dressed and grabbing my small satchel off my nightstand I walked out of my room to my front door.

Once my black and white shoes were on, I opened my front door to welcome a bright morning light. Knowing what time it was I walked out the door and locked it. Then I turned around and looked out at my new home; Tokyo. After walking over to the carefully carved railing on the porch of my cabin I closed my eyes. The wind flapped my hair into my face.The wind feels wonderful today. I am so happy that it is in the middle of spring! I walked along the railing until I got to the stairs leading down to my car; a Dodge Journey.

    I got into my car and grabbed the keys out of my satchel. Then I gently set my satchel onto the passenger’s seat and started up my car. Before I headed off to work I put in a CD. It had most of my favorite music on there. I like to listen to country most of the time. After the turned on, I pressed the gas pedal and headed to work.


    I ended up arriving at work early, but I usually did anyway. For my job I get to create and draw things for an art shop in the middle of Tokyo, therefore I get to do my hobby every day. The people that I work with since they have taught me so many things. They are like family to me.

I started working on a new drawing and before I knew it a couple of hours had passed. It was a flower in the moonlight. It looks pretty good so far but all I have done is the outline of the flower since perfection takes time. Every line I add gives me the chills, it is so good. I can’t wait to finish it.

A tall, lean old woman walked into the room. She kept walking until she was right behind me where she could get a good look at what I was drawing.

After a while she smiled and said,”That is by far the best piece you have ever done even though it is just an outline! You are getting better and better Zephyra!” I looked up at her and knew exactly who she was. My boss, Takara. She was an old woman who has ran this shop for 32 years and she still does. She is kind of my teacher since she knows way more than I could ever know about art. She actually used to live in Sapporo, Japan before she moved here. The weird part is that I used to live there about a week ago. It is really easy to get along with her since she used to live in the same city as me.

“Thanks Takara. I really appreciate the compliments. Oh, and don’t forget that I start school tomorrow. I won’t be able to come here as often as I have been.” I said. Takara smiled and glanced at my flower once again. After standing there in silence for awhile she walked out towards the main part of the store.

“Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing. Just come when you can, you will still get paid your usual amount. As long as you help me out by drawing for my shop I don’t care how many times you come. Have fun going to school and if you want you can go home early tonight, there is no reason for you to stay up late on a school night!” Takara said gently. She looked at me with soft gentle eyes. Then she swiftly walked away. I glanced down at my outline and sighed. I guess she is right. I should get some rest before tomorrow. I took all of the special pencils I was using and I set them in the bucket corresponding with their colors. After that all I had to do is put away my drawing. Once again I glanced at it. I stood there looking at it for a while. I grabbed it and put it away. I should really get going now. I grabbed my coat and my satchel. I walked to the back door and opened it to see that it was already black as night out. I hurriedly shut the door and started to walk toward my car. The wind started to bring chills to my bones the closer I got to my car. As soon as I got to my car I stopped and looked very closely to the way the wind was blowing. North, northwest by the look of it. I wonder why the wind feels so upset right now. It’s like it's lashing out… Poor wind… I looked out at the sky and I could see the wind swirl around the little clouds left in the sky. I frowned. After a while of standing there I opened my car door and slipped in. I looked back at the sky and frowned. Poor wind. I started up my car and I made sure that the music was off. As I drove off I could still feel the pain that the wind was feeling at that moment. Such a horrible pain.


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