For the poetry competition.


1. Bound- a physics poem

In your presence I feel so light,

Not merely an idiot, heady with delight,

No- real and measurable is the mass defect,

Yes- the energy 's enormous though you feel no effect,

As it is only when twice multiplied by 3 times ten to the 8,

That you'll appreciate why I am so often moved to prate,

On and on about the abundant energy,

Which complicates your being swiftly rid of me,

Until that brutal, coming day, when easily overcome,

Even the strong force will be subdued and then how I'll feel glum,

My excessive sorrow, I grant, deserves your derision,

- Like I could be missed once we've undergone fission,

And you rejoice that from before you I've been expelled,

Since growing too clingy gets you all repelled,

Still, in grim dread I resist my leaving date,

So back and forth we oscillate,

Up to that moment we're pulled apart,

My daughter element- a joyless heart,

An atom, from the Greek for indivisible,

Fitting, for what could break further one so miserable. 

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