Paranormal activity

After the death of Ashton Wolfe, things have started getting slightly abnormal around his old home town, many detectives come to investigate, but after a while, the only conclusion reached, was that maybe Ashton hadn't died after all...


1. A slight shock

The wind howled, warning the public of the danger, but as usual, nobody listened.

The night was almost still, the darkness creeping in onto the houses as many families turned off their lights, and went to bed. 

One would have thought that nothing could have woken them from their steady slumber, nothing but the scream.

Screaming echoed through the walls of the houses, waking many.

People ran outside with torches in alarm, curious to see what had caused such havoc.

A young girl stood under the tallest building in the town, it was well over seven stories tall and had a solid concrete pathway just beside it.

The girl stood shell-shocked, her knees trembling and her bottom lip shaking with fear, tears brimmed in her eyes as the public looked to where her eyes lay.

At the top of the building, was a tall shadowy figure with the build of a teenage boy, his hair covered his eyes and his posture stayed steady as he stood at the edge of the roof, if he made any sudden movements, he would come toppling down, and no one would be able to survive that kind of fall.

The boy never spoke, but his chest rose and fell hastily, his breathing hitching every once in a while. He took no notice of the worried people below him, he just carried about his business, whatever that was.

All of a sudden the screams erupted again, as the boy fell forward and off the edge!

A couple of people attempted to catch the falling boy, but it was already too late.

The boy hit the pavement at a funny angle, his limbs all sprawled out.

Apart from the fact that he was positively dead, and he had a few broken bones, the body almost looked untouched, the only mark being a long gash on his forehead. 

Blood spilled onto the concrete, as the ambulance arrived.

That was the last time the public saw the body before it had been wrapped in a white cloth, and put into the ambulance, never to be seen by human eyes again.



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