Painted Smile

5 years after Jeff The Killer's death. It turns out he isn't really dead and has kept on killing. When Jeff and his arch enemy Jane The Killer are nearly captured by SWAT and he is shot, Jeff must face the harsh truth: His time is nearly up. Jeff must find the only person who can give him immortality: The Slenderman.


3. Visting A Ghost Town

The killer duo made it back to the forest covering to the steel mill when Jeff stopped dead in his tracks. There were cops everywhere. Four squad cars were parked next to the mill and it appeared that nearly a dozen officers and state troopers were combing the area inside and out. Jeff knew they were looking for him and Jane.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" groaned Jeff, "How the hell did they find where we were staying?"

"They always knew, they were just waiting" sighed Jane

Jeff cursed and began to run in the opposite direction, Jane rushed to keep up with the killer, "Jeff, where are we going now?"

Jeff stopped, smiling, and looked at her, "We're going back home"


Jeff and Jane's hometown had changed since they left it so long ago. Jeff was leading the way with Jane behind him, he knew where he was going. He just had to find it. That when he came upon a old and deserted house, the door covering up with police tape and a broken "For Sale" sign strewn on the lawn. Jeff walked straight through the door and into the living room. Jeff continued up the stairs and entered a medium sized bedroom. That when flashbacks started to come.


Jeff was only 13 years old when his life changed forever. After getting his brother, Liu, accidentallly sent to Juvenal Hall after beating the shit out of a bully named Randy and his friends, Jeff started to feel funny. He started to realized he liked hurting people. A couple of weeks after his brother's incarceration, Jeff and his parents went to a birthday party for his next door neighbor, Billy and for the first time since his brother left Jeff felt happy.

That when everything became a living nightmare. The bully Randy and his friends Trent and Keith crashed the party and tried to kill him. Something in Jeff snapped and broke his mental stability. He pounded his fists into Randy's chest over and over in a rage fueled blood lust. Seeing their friend and leader dead. Trent and Keith tried to kill him. Keith was taken down but not before smashing a bottle of vodka on Jeff's head. The fight between Trent and Jeff ended when Jeff became covered in bleach and alcohol. Trent began to chuckle

"What's so funny" asked Jeff

"Because" Trent flicked on a light he produced from his pocket, "I'm not the one covered in bleach and alcohol", and threw the lighter at Jeff, igniting the boy's clothes and body. Jeff ran from the bathroom, a walking inferno, and collapsed as adults and girl rushed to him then nothing, but darkness.

Jeff woke up nearly a week later and had his whole face covered in bandages. His parents were there, notifying him that his brother would return when Jeff's bandages came off. Then after a month or so, Jeff's bandages were going to come off. His family was there to see the damage that Jeff's face endured. His mother screamed and his brother and father looked completely shocked. His brown hair turned black, his skin was paper white, and a leathery feel to it.

"Jeff, it's not that bad" said Liu, trying to cheer up his brother

"Not bad, hahaha" chuckled Jeff, "It's perfect!". That surprised his family, but his mother notice his hand and eye were twitching. So she wasn't too sure her son was okay, ignoring that she took him to get his clothes which were stitched back after the fire and they all went home, not knowing that this would there last day on earth.

Later that night, Jeff's mother heard what sounded like crying coming from the bathroom so she went to check. She was horrified at what she saw. Jeff was cutting a smile into his cheeks and his eyes were bordered in black. He had burnt his eyelids off and his mother knew her son had lost his mind. She ran back into her bedroom and tired to wake up her husband to get the gun, but it was too late as Jeff was in the doorway and gutted them both, then went to kill his brother. That was when the legacy of Jeff The Killer truly began.


"Jeff, Jeffery!"

Jane was in front of him waving her hand in front of him. Jeff had been standing in the doorway of his brother's room staring into space. He snapped back into reality, eyes sliding away from his brother's bed and to Jane.

"Yeah" asked Jeff

"You okay, you've been standing here for 20 minutes just staring into this room, what's so important-" Jane stopped as she realized this was Liu's room, "I'm sorry.."

"It's fine, I killed them, it's me who should be sorry" sighed Jeff, and then whispered looking at the ground, "Liu, forgive me".

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