Painted Smile

5 years after Jeff The Killer's death. It turns out he isn't really dead and has kept on killing. When Jeff and his arch enemy Jane The Killer are nearly captured by SWAT and he is shot, Jeff must face the harsh truth: His time is nearly up. Jeff must find the only person who can give him immortality: The Slenderman.


6. Running Out Of Time

The following night, Jeff and Jane set out to find Slenderman. Jeff was able to walk with a slight limp, but the pain was subsiding and he appeared to be getting better. They needed a car to get to Canada since it would take a week or more to reach it on foot and they didn't know if Jeff had that kind of time left. They found a nearby car parked next to Jeff's house and, after picking the lock and hot wiring it, started on their journey to find Slenderman.


Driving on the main highway, it was clear Jeff's leg wasn't getting any better. He kept rubbing it and muttering in pain to himself as he slept. They were almost out of the painkillers Jeff had at his house and Jane racked her brain to think of something to help Jeff's pain. She had no ideas though, and sighed giving up for now as she tried to focus on the road. Her heart took a sudden jolt when she saw something up ahead: A police checkpoint into Canada. They were checking people for passports and any illegal contraband. Jane turned around in her seat, shaking Jeff awake.

"What? I'm trying to sleep here" yawned Jeff

"Cops, everywhere at that checkpoint, what are we going to do?" asked Jane

Jeff's eyes widen as soon as he heard the word, "Cops", and sat up, "Don't stop driving, just ram straight the barrier and keep driving. There aren't any cop cars around so we should be able to get away before they even knew what happened". Jane nodded and pressing her foot on the gas, accelerated towards the checkpoint. The cops notice the car wasn't stopping and tried to shoot the tires to slow it down, but they missed and had to jump out of the way as the vehicle came speeding past them and smashing through the barrier and kept on driving, vanishing into the night.


They were past the United States/Canadian border so only the Canadian Police could come after them and they had no idea what had happened so Jeff and Jane should be safe. Now all that was left was to try and find Slenderman's Mansion and see if he was even there. If not, then it could Jeff's final night of life.

They had an idea. Jane and Jeff both knew that Slenderman came after children to control their minds and kill them. So that meant they had to find a house and hope he would come to take the child of the house. Then they could hopefully talk to Slenderman and explain their situation.


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