Painted Smile

5 years after Jeff The Killer's death. It turns out he isn't really dead and has kept on killing. When Jeff and his arch enemy Jane The Killer are nearly captured by SWAT and he is shot, Jeff must face the harsh truth: His time is nearly up. Jeff must find the only person who can give him immortality: The Slenderman.


8. Help From Above

Jeff only had 40 hours left to live. So did what anyone would do in those few short hours. He sat outside and just...stared. He watched the birds fly from tree to tree, chirping a happy tune. A breeze flew through ruffling Jeff's hair and clothes. He wiped the tears from his unblinking eyes he heard the crunch of grass and knew Jane and Slenderman were behind him. Jane sat next to him and Slenderman left, leaving the two killers to talk.

"So...this is really happening, huh" sighed Jane

"Yeah, I guess it is" Jeff chuckled

"What's so funny?" asked Jane, confused at Jeff's chuckle despite the grim circumstances

"After all these years, all the times I could have died, all the close calls with the cops. This is how I die: an injured knee. God must be happy to finally be rid of me by now though" Jeff's smile faded as he stared up into the sky and thought about his parents, and Liu when Slenderman suddenly appeared into front of them, gasping, but appeared happy nonetheless.

"Jeff!! Jane!! I have news! Great news!" panted Slenderman


"What?!" asked Jeff

"That was what I said" laughed Slenderman

Apparently another creepypasta, one of Slenderman's proxies, Masky, knew of a immortality potion which gave the drinker immortal life. The only problem was that the potion were things that were extremely hard to find. The only known place to find a potion of such power was in the hands of a powerful god-like being named Viktor Crane. He was the strongest, deadliest, and most cunning being in the world. This meant the killer duo and Slender would have to find him before Jeff's time was up. Before Jeff went to sleep for good.

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