The Silent Musings of a Pen

Do you ever think, what would a pen think about?


1. The Silent Musings of a Pen


Hmmm...  I wonder what today will bring,
Will I write a beautiful love letter?
Or a lyrical melody for someone to sing?
Or maybe even a topical newsletter?

Laying on the fresh piece of paper,
My metal case shining on the light,
Next to me today's newspaper,
Even though its late in the night.

Maybe something has been done,
The world has somehow changed,
A sort of Championship could have been won.
Or words of importance have been exchanged.

I am picked up by an eager hand,
Ready to write on the page,
Whatever is to be written has been planned,
For they seem to be writing with rage.

I stained the page with my ink,
Almost filling the space,
As I finish with my top un-clicked,
The author seemed lost in a trance.

But that's how it always is,
He gets lost in his writing,
That is the way of his,
And it is always indeed, exciting.


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