You are my lifeline

This is a werewolf book about a guy named Ky and human girl named Kylie.


3. New Kid

Picture of what Ky kinda looks like....


Kylie's P.O.V.

Oh-No we have a new kid in class. The seat beside me is the only open one. I know in my heart that he will make fun of me. I pick up my book and start reading. I get to chapter 13 when I hear footsteps coming towards me....I pretend to ignore it and keep reading that is until he starts talking to me. I look up....his seat is faced towards me and he flashes a blinding smile. He says hello, and tells me his name. He has a British, husky kind of voice when he talks. I am speechless for a minute then I answer him with a charming smile...then say my name and welcome to Maple High. I get a long look at him and realize he has brownish hair with icy blue eyes,tattoos and is very muscular. I thought he wouldn't notice me but boy was I wrong...


Ky's P.O.V.

I see her eyeing my features... of course me being cocky I ask her "like what you see?" She blushes and starts reading some more. I ask what she is reading and she says it's not your business. Then of course I say "feisty,I like it." Then she blushes and says "no I am not feisty but if you think knowing it is is a romance between a human and werewolf." My face turns ashen and I can tell she is waiting for a reaction....apparently I don't act the way she thought I would. She asks if I would start laughing at her... I then feel something I can't explain....sympathy I think it was. I tell her no and she gives me another charming smile....

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