Unwritten Destiny (SOA) (S1)

Kaleena left home to help her friend in a completely different town. She has no idea what she's getting into, but she does know that she's falling for one of the Sons. What will she do? Will she run? Or will she stay and fight? I own nothing but my OCs. Everything else belongs to their rightful owner.


5. Patch Over

I finally got to sleep in and let me tell you, it was the best sleep that I’ve ever had. I decided to get up after a few more minutes, and once I got dressed, I headed out to TM. I guess the club had something going on because almost all the guys came out at once. Once Jax saw me, he headed my way. I got out and met him halfway.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“Everything’s fine darlin.” Jax replied before hugging me.

I hugged him back and once we pulled apart, we headed toward his bike, but I knew that something was off.

“Alright Teller, what aren’t you telling me?” I questioned as we reached his bike.

Jax chuckled before replying, “I’ve got to head out of town for a few days.”

“As long as I know you got there safely and everyone is in one piece, then I’m good.” I told him with a smile.

Jax smiled back, but then it turned to confusion as Tara pulled onto the lot. I knew something was off by her body language, but I was going to keep my thoughts to myself. I had this feeling that we were being watched, but I shook it off.

“Everything okay?” Jax asked as we walked up to Tara and her car.

“Yeah. I was hoping that you could help with the Cutlass. It’s in pretty sad shape.” Tara replied.

“Shit. This was your dad’s, right?” Jax asked as he looked at the car.

“It was in the garage under two tons of old newspapers.” Tara replied.

“Why don’t you bring it in back? Have Lowell take a look at it.” Jax told her.

I knew that Tara wanted to talk to Jax alone, but he needs to get on the road and I’m not going to let him be late for anything.

“Okay. Thanks. I was hoping you could give me a lift home.” Tara said as she looked at Jax with hopeful eyes.

“Actually, I’m just heading out for a couple of days.” Jax said.

I knew right then that Tara wanted to keep Jax close. I moved closer to Jax and grabbed his hand. Jax shocked me by lacing his fingers with mine, and that pissed Tara off more.

“Okay. Anything come up with the baby, who should I call?” Tara questioned.

I told you. Tara is trying to hold on to Jax, but I’m like Gemma, and I’m not letting her hurt him again.

“He’s out of the woods, right?” Jax asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. Just in case of procedural stuff.” Tara replied.

I have finally had enough, so before Jax could say another word, I spoke up.

“You can call me or Gemma if anything happens with Abel.” I told Tara.

I know that Tara didn’t really want that answer but smiled anyway because Jax agreed with me. Gemma then honked at us, so we went to talk to her. I then told Jax that I would take Tara home, and Gemma said that I could follow her since I didn’t know the way. Jax agreed with us, and I walked him to his bike. I told Jax to be careful, and when I got ready to walk off, Jax grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to him.

“Missed me already?” I giggled.

Jax just chuckled before giving me a light peck on the lips. After we pulled apart I couldn’t help the big smile that graced my lips. Jax smiled back before I backed away and watched as Jax drove off. I walked back to Gemma’s car and laughed as Gemma gave me a huge grin.

“Anything I should know baby?” Gemma questioned.

“I don’t know Gem. I really don’t know, but I hope so.” I sighed.

“Give him some time baby, and by the looks of that kiss, it might be sooner than you know.” Gemma said.

I just nodded my head and headed to my car since Tara was also heading that way. I followed Gemma as she led me to Tara’s house, and I waited until she got inside because I’m not that rude. Once she got inside, I drove on home and just hung around the house. I ended up calling Layla and Crystal over for a movie day, and we had a blast. Those girls are crazy as hell, but it was fun. Later on that night, my phone rang, and I knew exactly who it was.

“How’s your trip going?” I asked.

Jax chuckled before replying, “It’s going good so far, but how was your day?”

“My day was good. I had a movie day with Layla and Crystal, and they are crazy as hell.” I replied with a laugh.

Jax laughed and I was happy to hear that sound.

“I bet they were.” Jax said back.

Jax and I talked for quite a while before he had to go. I was happy that he called and when he gets back, we need to talk about whatever is going on between us. The next few days I basically just hung around the house. Gemma then came to get me so I could go take Tara’s car back to her. I knew there was more to the story, but I just kept quiet.

“Hi.” Tara said confused as she opened her door.

“Car’s ready. Figured you’d need it for work.” Gemma said as she handed Tara the keys.

I decided to stay outside as Gemma went in to talk to Tara. I knew that something was off about this conversation but it’s not my place, so I’m staying out of it. Gemma came back outside not too long later and Lowell took us back to TM. Gemma then drove us to see Abel and I was so happy to see him.

“Hey.” Jax whispered as he walked in the door.

“You okay?” Gemma questioned as we looked at Jax.

“I’m fine.” Jax replied as he walked closer to Gemma.

“Think maybe someone could’ve called. I’ve been sitting…” Gemma started to say, but Jax cut her off by giving her a kiss.

“Hey, little man.” Jax whispered as he stepped closer to Abel.

I watched in awe as the scene before me unfolded. I couldn’t believe that this badass biker is a huge softy, but I’m glad that he is because that means he actually has a heart. Jax reached out for my hand, and I gladly gave it to him. Jax tugged me closer to him, and we just stood there and looked at Abel. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, but I ignored it because I’m not interrupting this moment.

I also noticed out of the corner of my eye that Gemma was looking at both Jax and I with a huge smile on her face. I may not know what’s going to happen between Jax and I but whatever happens, happens.


Kaleena's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e4/set?id=208028532​

Movie day with Layla and Crystal: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e4/set?id=208030478​

Kaleena's second outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/soa_s1e4/set?id=208084632​


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