My brothers mate

Alex Clifford was Michael Clifford's sister but they didn't grow up together because their mum and dad got divorced and Alex and Michael got separated but not completely Alex moved with her dad to a different part of Sydney,Australia and then she decided to move back with her mum and Michael and when she meets someone special Michael's not very happy about. Who is this special guy Alex's meets? Why is Michael so mad about it? Read my brothers mate to find out ;)


1. moving home

Alex's POV

So I was finally driving to my mums and brother's I feel so nervous I don't know why like every event that comes up Michael and mum are at my house.

But I guess I'm just worried because I haven't been to my mums since I was 3 yrs old and now I just turned 16 and Michael is 16 going on 17 on November 20 and my birthday is July 17 which is okay considering I'm a party girl and my b-day is in the summer which is great.

OMG!!!! We finally arrived to Michael's house and I saw mum and Michael.

"Hey dad can I ask you something?" "Sure sweetie what is it?" he said softly "um...can you come visit a lot?"I said and he looked at me and started laughing "aw who's daddy little girl" he said in his baby voice. (if you know what I'm talking about)

I just looked at him and laughed playing along I said "i am" as we pulled into the garage I noticed that there was two guitars, one bass, a drum kit, and three microphones.

Michael and mum walked in and I spoke "what are all these instruments for?" Michael sighed and mum said "you haven't tiled her?" "Told me what?" I said in my worried voice "nothing serious or anything but I'm in a band" Michael said like he was ashamed "what that's crazy good for you you lucky bitch" I said And mum yelled "watch your mouth young lady" and I laughed

Dad brought my bags into my new/old bedroom and he looked at me almost crying and said "Alex I'm going to miss you a lot" as he pulled me into a tight hug and said "dad just promise that you will visit every weekend or every two weekends okay?" And I gave him my big blue puppy dog eyes and he said "I will every second weekend okay?" "Okay" was all I could really say and he left. :(

XX 1 hour later XX

Ugh I have to unpack and then I have to go school shopping and ugh I feel so stressed I wish Owen was here, Owen is my best friend he is like my brother he knows me more than anyone he probably knows me better than I know myself.

Two minutes went by of me unpacking and then Michael came barging into my room and said "tomorrow we are going to meet my band mates okay?" "Um...okay, but isn't tomorrow school?" "Yeah so they go to the same school as us" oh I feel stupid "do they know you have a sister?" I said out of curiosity "" he said and I had a devilish look on my face "we should tell them that we are married since we have the same last name" and he had the same devilish look on his face and said "damn dude but totally" "can you help me unpack your like 7ft and I'm 5'4 so I need help" he just nodded and smiled.

Hours flew by so fast and when we were finally done it was about 9:00 and mum called supers here and me and Michael raced down the stairs and mum handed us each a plate that had some cheese pizza and Michael got pepperoni pizza and mum got ham and pineapple

"Ew mum why do eat that it's disgusting and they never should have added fruit and pizza" I said

"Well your not eating eat are you?" She asked "no why" I said confused "then stop complaining there daughter of mine" she said and we all bursted out laughing I don't know why it was so funny but it was.

After we had diner I went to my room and started to get undressed and put my pyjamas on I put on a my Pink Floyd crop to that showed my belly button piercing and some pyjama booty shorts after that I checked the time I was only 10:00 so went to the bathroom and washed my face brushed my teeth and put my hair in a high ponytail and went back to my room and was going through twitter and Instagram.

"Hey okay so you are going to meet my mates okay?" Michael said burying into my room "ugh I guess so but next time knocking would be great" i said kinda bitchy he came to my bed and he said "good night love you" I said "night love you to" an we hugged and he left.

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but it's sorta my first time doing this so let me know what you think of this chapter and I will be updating a couple times a week or if you want I could update every night cause I don't really go out much so yeah if you want me to update a lot just comment and I will


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