Living up to the Family Name

Volteniar isn't living up to her father's standards...


1. Prologue

Volteniar leaned back in the barber's chair and smiled. She had it all planned out by the time the stylist returned.

"What style do you want done, hon?" asked Russel, the hairstylist. He was smacking his gum and running his hand through her hair.

Voltenair covered her mouth as she talked. "I only want it washed and dried," she said, still smiling behind her hand.

Russell looked surprised at her freakishly long hair. "You sure, hon?"

Voltenair pretended to be bored and bit her finger, which she then ran along the edge of the can of cherry soda.

"Yeah," she responded after a silence.

Russel shrugged, picked up his can of soda and told her to follow him.

He led her to a small room. When they arrived, he took a sip of the soda.

Volteniar jumped up. "Wait, don't wash my hair. I've got to go," she said, walking back down the hallway.

The bell rang as the door closed behind her. Another one bites the dust, Voltenair sang to herself in her head. Another one bites the dust.

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