My Diary

This is just a diary about me , its nothing too interesting but just some things i do everyday. I guess you cant judge it until you read it ,right?...


2. Many days later...

Its been a while since i have updated this but I thought now is a good time to.


My newest thought is : How do we know what a good decision is?

I'm sure a some kind of website you find on google would tell you that its all about your gut feeling and how you feel and the consequences of your decision.But how d you know any of that works?

 I've recently came into a slight bit of trouble. Lets call this character Tinsel. I used to be very good friends with this person called tinsel and one day i went to stay over at their house when they went onto my social media account and messaged an ex of mine asking for sex. It came across clearly that it was me due to it being n my account. 

When i saw the messages I was honestly quite scared. What if he tells other people? What if he tries to do things with me ? Who knows what he is capable of. 

So I went and chatted to a different friend of mine. His name can be wire. Unfortunately , wire was and still is in a relationship with tinsel. But i told wire anyway in hope for some good advice or maybe he could speak to tinsel to prevent word from spreading. Wire agreed with me that it was wrong.

 I wasn't happy about what had been done and had a fall out when tinsel started telling people that she hadn't even been on my account! And to make matters worse her boyfriend started spreading how i asked this guy for sex and how I admitted to him on messages that I did ask for it and I was meeting with the guy purposely. They then both ,coincidentally , deleted their social media account so they had "no way of getting the proof". Even with no proof , they went and got teachers involved and continued to tell lies to the teachers. The whole situation seriously blown up when wire started calling me of unknown numbers and messaging me on different things threatening to beat me up the following day. May I add , he is a year older and a boy. My parents saw the messages and the school got involved and it got bigger. Wire admitted it was wrong to the teachers before walking away with a smug look.


However , Tinsel refused to admit so i bought in screenshots to prove she had done it but the teachers didn't even care! They just left it at that point!



It been about two weeks since that situation. Half of my friends were telling me to slap her or have a go but the other half were telling me to make friends with her. How am i suppose to know whats right? So  Me and tinsel decided to leave things and maybe become friends again. I thought it was the right thing to do  but since then I remembered something , I did nothing wrong. Why did I go and ask to be friends when I did nothing but tell the truth and try to defend myself?

 Then i remembered something. Wire has stirred things before between me and friends. He has done terrible things in the past and tinsel always forgives him. Had he done something to make me look bad to her? 

I spoke to tinsel and it ends up wire didn't tell her that he had been threatening me. What even weirder is that when i told tinsel , she wasn't bothered and wanted to leave it there...

Am i supposed to just drop it? Its not the first time they had treated me in such a way.

Do I forgive and move along as though nothing had happened? or do i scheme for revenge as many people would?



Lyric that relates : ' Now I've dropped my forgiveness , its laying face down on the floor.'

State Champs- Secrets.


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