Just another day..

A diary entry in the P.O.V of me.


1. School.

So today was just like any other day. I awoke to the sound of my annoying iPhone alarm. I hit the snooze button.. Obviously. After about 4 more times of hitting the snooze button I realised it was Monday, and I had school! I checked the time and it was 7:34. 'crap' I thought to myself as I finally got out of my messy bed. I grabbed my school clothes and quickly changed into them. By the time I had done this it was around 7:45. I didn't have long to get ready. I grabbed my hair brush and quickly brushed out all the knots and tangles and shoved on some mascara since I didn't have time to do much. By the time it turned 8, i was ready to leave. 'I'll grab breakfast on the way out.' I said to my mum as I headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a cherry breakfast bar and shoved it into my blazer as i headed out the door. 

School was different today, i had curriculum day which meant i spent the whole day with my form and learnt about something we've been over a hundred times. E-Safety. The first two periods i sat there in absolute boredom listening to my French form tutor speak a load of rubbish. (None of us understand her).

As break time rolled over, Molly, Jemima and I all ran to the cafe so all the pasties wouldn't be gone. We all grabbed a pasty and ran back up to our form class room and waited for break to be over. Third and fourth period wasn't so bad. We learnt about sexting, and the dangers of it. We worked in groups to perform a little play and then performed it to the class. Ugh, i was so bored. The bad thing about our school is that if they catch you on your phone they will keep it til the end of the week. I cant go more than 3 hours without my baby, I wouldn't be able to live!! (im kidding).

So as lunch time came, I was more than happy to go home and sleep. But i still had 2 hours left at school. We got our lunch and went and sat it the geography block and talked about random stuff. I had a tuna roll and a reeses peanut butter cup. Last period was more fun to be honest. I was more hyper and awake. We had to draw a character for E-Safety and being the lame person I am I drew a mouse and named it Chuck-E-Safety. (shhh, i know). 

The rest of the day went on as usual. I got home, got changed, went on Sims 4 for a little while, did some homework and then had dinner. After I had a bath, blew dry my hair and came on here! So as you can see, my life was pretty boring.


( sorry this is so so so bad. it is really late in England and I have school again tomorrow. excuse my lack of adjectives and little things like that. I promise im not actually that bad at writing.. Head on down to my page and read my one direction fan fic from 4 years ago man! )

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